March of Moxes Standard Constructed Tournament for a Mox Ruby, March 16 Game Universe and for our March of Moxes Standard Constructed Tournament at noon on March 16. First place can win one of the most collectable cards in the game – a mighty Mox!

Registration & Entry

  • Registration begins at 11 am, tournament seating at 11:45
  • $30 Entry
  • Pre-registration: Stop by any Game Universe location any time between now and the day before the event to reserve a seat. Pre-Registration also gets a triple pull in our door prize drawing (see below).

Tournament Structure

  • Swiss rounds determined by attendance.

Door Prize

  • Everyone who participates in all rounds gets a random “door prize” card sealed in a pack.
  • Those who pre-register will get 3x door prizes packs. 
  • You keep what you pull, and one person will get a Collector’s Edition Mox.
  • The person who pulls the card with the highest casting cost will win an additional “Mox-tastic” prize, determined based on attendance.
  • If we get 60+ players, we will give a MOX PEARL away as this door prize. That’s right, a $500 card could be yours just for entering.

Other Prizes


  • If attendance = 20+ first place will win a Mox Ruby, other moxes (Opal, Diamond, Chrome, etc) or cards may be awarded as prizes if attendance falls below this.
  • 2nd and 3rd place will receive store credit usable for any products we stock.
  • Additional prizes will be announced at the start of the event, OR as preregistrations are confirmed

Don’t want a mox? Aren’t around enough to use store credit? No problem! Our buyer will be on hand to purchase your prize card back from you.tokarevsound.comпродвижение сайтов в сети интернет

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