2017 X-Wing Store Championships

When:  Sunday, July 23rd, 11a registration, Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game review
 start at Game Universe – Brookfield
Saturday, July 29th 11a registration, Noon start at Game Universe – Franklin
Entry:  $15
What:  Come use The Force for some fun and friendly competition!
-2 Acrylic Kallus tokens
-4 sets of acrylic range and range 2 rulers
-8 acrylic Range Rullers Range 3
-32 alt art Engine upgrade cards
-2 Alt Art Rey cards (for the World Championship Celebration)
-32 Alternate art cards (for the Star Wars 40th Anniversary Celebration)
Winner gets first round bye at Regional Championship and Championship Plaque!
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Players are responsible for bringing all of the game components they need to play a game of X-Wing. This includes all ship models, bases, pegs, Pilot cards, ship tokens, Upgrade cards, and tokens. In addition, they must bring a damage deck, sufficient dice for attack and defense rolls, a full set of maneuver templates, and a range ruler. When a squad list is required, players should bring a completed list or arrive at the venue early to fill one out.
Squad Building
Each player must build one squad to use in a tournament. A squad cannot exceed 100 points, though it may contain fewer than 100 points. A player may choose to field a Rebel, an Imperial, or a Scum & Villainy squad. Players may choose to use either the original Core Set damage deck or The Force Awakens™ Core Set damage deck.
Each player must include exactly three unique obstacle tokens of their choice in their squad. Players must select these obstacles from the twelve asteroids included in the two core sets and the six debris clouds included in the YT- 2400 and VT-49 Decimator expansion packs. A player may not select two of the same asteroid or debris cloud.
Players must use the same squad, damage deck, and obstacles for the duration of the tournament.

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