Weekend of June 11 & 12 – Game Day, D&D Meetup, and Board Games


What Happens There?

Game Days are the first opportunity for you to play Standard on a global scale with the newest cards. Game Universe hosts Game Day at our Greenfield store at noon, on Saturday, June 11 and at our Brookfield store at noon, Sunday, June 12. Swing by to play and grab some promo cards while they last!

What Do I Get?

All participants receive exclusive Priest of Urabrask promo card (while supplies last). The Top 8 payers each receive a full-art Myr Superion promo card.

What Does an “Affliated Deck” Mean?

Represent your side and fight for New Phyrexia or the Mirran resistance! Cards in Scars of Mirrodin, Mirrodin Besieged, and New Phyrexia are watermarked with either a Mirran or Phyrexian symbol to represent the card’s affiliation. You can build your Game Day deck to be affiliated with one of the two sides. An affiliated deck must have at least ten watermarked cards from its affiliated faction in its main deck, and no watermarked cards from the opposing faction in its main deck or sideboard. The deck must still be Standard-legal.

D&D Meetup, Saturday June 11

Don’t forget that we also have the Dungeons and Dragons meetup in Greenfield on Saturday, June 11, so bring your role-playing gear and stay until close.

Board Gaming Sunday, June 12


We also do open board gaming every Sunday, but especially this Sunday, June 12th, to celebrate the releases of Rattus and Carcassonne 10th Anniversary Phantom Meeple edition.

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