$99 Box Day & Mirrodin Besieged Release Events

It’s that time again! Time for $99 Booster Box day at Game Universe! http://www.wizards.com/company/downloads/mirran_crusader.png

This Friday only you can grab a box of the new set, Mirrodin Besieged for only $99. In addition, if you’re one of the first 20 customers through the door at either location, we’ll give you a free Buy a Box Promo Mirran Crusader card. Sweet.

But wait! There’s more …

Mirrodin Besieged Release Events: Saturday & Sunday

Buy a box day not cool enough for you? Then swing by our Greenfield store on Saturday or our Brookfield store on Sunday for some Mirrodin Besieged sealed deck play. These release party events start registration at 11 am and begin deck construction at noon. Cost is $30, and includes a foil promo Thopter Assembly, 3 packs of Scars and 3 packs of Besieged. Prize support is 2 packs for every person who enters the event, so there’s sure to be a huge stack o’ packs for the top players. Payout is to the top 8-16 players, depending on attendance.rpg online gamesраскрутка сайта знакомств

One thought on “$99 Box Day & Mirrodin Besieged Release Events

  1. Just a heads up: supplies of Besieged may be VERY limited due to shipping delays from the weather. We’ll keep you posted here and on Facebook as events develop, but expect us to not be fully stocked until the weekend, at the earliest. The same goes for the release events themselves.