Achievement Cards

Ever wanted to go to a game store where you get rewarded for hanging out and playing in events? Well, at Game Universe you can with our “Game Universe Achievement Cards!”

About Achievement Cards

Earning achievements is as simple as picking up a card at any of our locations; there’s one for every category of game we stock! Check out the benefits below.

The Miniatures Achievement Card

PLAY in events, help CLEAN up, PAINT your army, TEACH new gamers, and BRING some terrain and you can earn free paint or 25% off a miniature of your choice.

The Card Player Achievement Card

PLAY in CCG events, help CLEAN up, DRAFT some limited format CCGs, PLAY in a Living Card Game League, and HELP a new player build a deck, and you can earn free promo cards or $5 store credit toward a future purchase!

The Board Gamer Achievement Card

PLAY in 5 scheduled board game events at GU, CLEAN up after an event, JOIN and PLAY in MilCog events, TEACH a board game at Game Universe, and BRING a friend to play and you can earn 20% off 1 game of your choice or $5 store credit!

The Roleplayer Achievement Card

PLAY in 3 events, help CLEAN, BRING a friend, CONTRIBUTE to an RPG, ATTEND D&D Encounters and you can earn 20% off 1 book or get free snacks from GU!

Champion Membership Achievement Card

JOIN our mailing list, WRITE a Google review of one of our stores, POST or share a post on our Facebook page, LIKE all our Facebook pages, and POST a PICTURE of yourself at GU, to earn a free Game Universe Membership. Memberships are good for life, and give you 10% off every non-collectable, non-sale item you buy!

How do Earn Achievements

Achievements are earned by participating in events. Just ask our friendly sales associates to stamp your cards as you earn achievements, and when your card is full, redeem it for one of the rewards listed on it.

Other Information

1 card may be redeemed every 30 calendar days, but rewards earned may be saved for up to 1 year. We reserve the right to change or cancel this program without prior written notice. Multiple cards may be active at the same time, but all cards must be filled out by an authorized Game Universe representative. Only Achievements earned at an event hosted at a Game Universe location will be counted toward your total. Other terms and restrictions may apply, please inquire with our sales staff for details.