Aether Revolt Game Day

Come join the fun for Aether Revolt Game Day!gameday

When:  Saturday, February 11th at Noon in Franklin
Sunday, February 12th at Noon in Brookfield.  After our Brookfield event, double your fun by heading to Gametown in Waukesha for their 6p event!
Entry:  $6
What:  Bring your Standard deck and plahEHcWJz1P0y in our Swiss-style tournament!

Prizing:  Each participant receives a Trophy Mage promo.
Top 8 get a Yahenni’s Expertise promo.
First place gets the Game Day Playmat.  This limited-edition playmat is only awarded to the winner, so be sure to bring your A-game!

There will also be additional prizes based on turnout.

While mainly focused on providing a fun4Npw3FrzBQ, relaxed environment in which to enjoy Magic, Game Day events are many players’ first experiences with competitive Magic. They offer a great opportunity to 
become familiar with some of the rules associated with the more competitive levels of play. Here are some important things to keep in mind:
Players should bring their own Standard deck, which is a minimum of 60 cards and has a sideboard of up to 15 cards.
Players should remember to bring their own method for tracking life totals, as well as tokens, card sleeves, and counters.

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