Age Of Sigmar Escalation League – starting 4/6


Have an idea for a new Age Of Sigmar army you have always wanted to build? Have you always wanted a fully painted army?

Then join us! Both new and veteran players are welcome!

Play in Game Universe’s FIRST EVER Age Of Sigmar Escalation League at the new Brookfield location!

Each month you will be given four weeks to build and paint 500 new points for your army.

April – 500pts
May – 1000pts
June – 1500pts
July – 2000pts

Once built and painted, players will be paired off with an opponent, playing a random Open War mission!

Wins and loses will be tracked for future pairings.

Come into the store for further rules, questions and sign up! You have plenty of time to prepare! Think about what army you want to use for the league!

This event is a great opportunity to meet new and old fellow hobbyist, complete a new AOS army at home or at the GU paint bar, and ultimately … to have FUN!

See you on the Battlefield!

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