April HeroClix Event Schedule at Game Universe Greenfield

Thursday, April 5th 6:00
Star Trek Heroclix
Build your best 200 point Star Trek team
Thursday, April 12th 6:00
Heroclix  ‘By Land, Sea, and Air’ event
Golden Age, Feats and Battle Field Conditions allowed.
The only requirement is your team must be made up of three figures, one with the wing symbol, one boot, and one fish.
Saturday, April 21st 1:00
Heroclix Infinity Gauntlet month 4 event
Sealed booster, two boxes of Galactic Guardians. Build your best 400 point team.
Saturday, April 28th 1:00
Heroclix ‘The Stranger the Better’
Unlimited Age, No Feats or Battle Field Conditions
Build a 500 point team. For every figure on your team from a different universe of heroclix you will be allotted a probability control token.
All universes are allowed; Marvel, DC, Indy, Halo, LotR, Street Fighter, Gears of War, Star Trek, etc..


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