D&D: Mythic Odysseys of Theros – Arriving this June!

Did you love D&D: Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica but want more from the Magic the Gathering universe for your D&D campaign? Well you’re in luck! Coming this June, Wizards of the Coast is releasing a new sourcebook set in Theros!






Reserve your copy of D&D: Mythic Odysseys of Theros (regular edition OR special edition) by messaging the store on Facebook (Franklin or Brookfield), or by emailing gupurchasing@gmail.com with your name, phone number, which store you’d like to pick-up from, and which edition you would like to get!

Read below for more information on this awesome new D&D setting from Wizards of the Coast!


Clash with the gods of Theros in this campaign sourcebook for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

The world’s most popular roleplaying game meets the world’s most popular trading card game in this campaign sourcebook, detailing the Magic: The Gathering world of Theros for use in Dungeons & Dragons.

Legends walk the lands of Theros, a realm shaped by deities and the deeds of heroes. From the temples of omen-speaking oracles to the five realms of the Underworld, the champions of the gods vie for immortal favor and a place among the world’s living myths.

Choose a supernatural gift that sets you on the path of destiny, align yourself with one of Theros’s fifteen gods, then carve a tale of odysseys and ordeals across the domains of mortals, gods, and the dead.

What legends will you challenge—mighty heroes, inevitable prophecies, or titans imprisoned by the gods? Where will destiny and immortal schemes lead you? And what tales will you leave behind, celebrated in the pantheon of myths and writ among the eternal stars?

  • Receive a supernatural gift from the gods, a set of special traits that mark your character for greatness.
  • Select one of the new races for your character—such mythic peoples as the leonin or a satyr.
  • New subclasses include the Bard’s College of Eloquence, masters of oratory; and the Paladin’s Oath of Glory, an affirmation of destiny laid out for you by divine providence.
  • Encounter mythic monsters, creatures whose power and renown are such that their names are truly living myths. More than simply legendary, these creatures have abilities that will create a challenge fit for the gods.
  • Wield god-weapons, signature items of the gods that allow your character to stand apart from other heroes. These can be a gift from your deity or perhaps you boldly stole it from them in a bid for ultimate power.

Friday Night Magic at Home with Game Universe!

What: Three FNM events that give all MTG players a place to play familiar experiences.
When: March 27, April 3, and April 10, each for 24 hours, running Thursday at midnight to Friday at midnight, PT.
Who: Anyone with an MTG Arena account (download here!)
Entry Fee: None


  • March 27—Challenger Decks
    • Choose between the four preconstructed 2020 Challenger Decks and jump in to challenge others.
  • April 3—All Access
    • Build a deck with any cards in Standard, whether they’re in your collection or not. Play others, build more decks, play again. Rinse. Repeat.
  • April 10—Historic Brawl
    • Build a 60-card Brawl deck with your Standard and Historic cards, and battle!

The goal with these formats is to provide fun ways to play in a Friday Night Magic-like environment, whether you’re downloading MTG Arena for the first time or you’ve been playing since the Open Beta.


Step-by-step, here’s how it works:

  1. Play in the event (win or lose as much as you want)
  2. Take a screenshot of your event page
  3. Join the Magic the Gathering at Game Universe Group on Facebook!
  4. Share your screenshot with a nice message in the Facebook Group about your experience
  5. We will message you a code* through Facebook!


Corona Virus (COVID-19) Update for Game Universe

Below you will see our updated procedures regarding Corona Virus (COVID-19) – 3/17/20.

As per the Governor’s orders, our in-store capacity has been reduced to 10, and all of our play space will be temporarily closed until further notice.

Starting on Sunday, March 22nd we will also be going down to reduced store hours. Sundays we will be open 11am-6pm and Monday-Saturday we will be open 11am-8pm. This is to ensure the best outcome for our guests’ and staff health, and to be able to serve you for as long as possible during these times.

We will be sending out updates in 2 weeks time (April 1st), so be on the lookout for that! Thank you all for your patience during these times!

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We’re changing some of our policies because of the recent developments with the Corona Virus (COVID-19).

  • We’re cleaning and disinfecting the store more frequently.
  • If you, our valued guest, are feeling ill, we ask that you also come visit us another time.
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    • Wash hands frequently and well (usually for 20 seconds or more).
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  • Our in-store play spaces are closed until further notice
  • Our hours have changed. Starting Sunday, March 22nd, Sundays we will be open 11am-6pm and Monday-Saturday we will be open 11am-8pm.

We look forward to serving our guests as long as possible and as responsibly as we’re able. Thank you for your patronage.

WarmaHordes March 2019 Steamroller!

Who: Y’all
What: 2019 75 point Steamroller!
When: Saturday, March 28th – Registration 9:45 AM; Dice roll at 10 AM. (<— NEW START TIME)
Where: Games Universe Brookfield – 19555 W Bluemound Rd, Brookfield, Wisconsin 53045 (262) 786-9800

Deathclock format will be used.
SR2019 rules will be used. The event will be capped at 4 rounds.

Prizes: Standard steam roller kit, plus as long as there are 8+ people we will vote for the best sportsperson

**Sportsmanship prize cannot go to a player that drops from the event.**
**Sportsmanship is determined by popular vote. **

If you have 1 PAINTED AND ARCMARKED list you will be entered into an additional raffle.

Pre-registration is available.  Call the store at (262) 786-9800 to prepay and go online to https://conflictchamber.com/?event=1214 to register your lists!  Anyone that does both will be entered into a raffle!

MtG Mystery Booster Drafts! 3/13/20 & 3/14/20

Join us in celebrating Mystery Booster by drafting it!

What: Mystery Booster Drafts
When: Friday, March 13th and Saturday, March 14th
Where: Brookfield and Franklin!

Friday, March 13th

Brookfield: 2pm Draft & 6pm Draft!
Franklin: All Day! Once we have enough to fire, we will be drafting!

Saturday, March 14th

Brookfield: All Day! Once we have enough to fire, we will be drafting!
Franklin: 3pm Draft!