New Magic Format at Franklin

Come join the Brawl!

Every Sunday at 2p is Casual Commander / Commander Brawl at our Franklin Location!

Entry: $4
What: Casual Commander / Commander Brawl (Don’t know what Commander Brawl is? Rules can be found here.)
Prizes: Pay $16 over 4 weeks and receive $18 in value!
1st week = $2 towards singles
2nd week = free pack
3 week = $2 towards singles
4th week = $10 gift card


X-Wing: Objective League starts at GU-Brookfield!

New X-wing Objective League at GU-Brookfield

Before the game roll a d6 and play the attached objective. Click here for all the objectives.

The league will run till May 8th, players will use their record for their first 10 games to determine their final record. Depending on attendance and final standings we may have a top 2 or 4 to determine an overall winner. Per usual no more than 2 games against the same opponent and games must be played at games universe. Don’t worry about mov, SoS will be used.

The ban list has been expanded and is below.
– Minefield mapper
– Trajectory Simulator
– Han Solo Pilot (HoTR)
– Seismic Torpedoes
– Twin Laser Turret
– R2D2 Astromech
– Bomblet Generator
– Captured Tie
– Rebel Fenn Rau pilot


Dominaria Box specials!

25 Year Anniversary Special!

This set only – NEW box price $94.99*! Be sure to pre-order your box today.

When you buy a booster box of Dominaria, you  will also receive a special Buy-A-Box promo card when you pick up your box during pre-release weekend!

Special price good THRU release.

Click here for more details on this exciting new set.

Pre-order today!

*in store pick-up only