X-Wing 50/50 League

When: Starting 5p, Tuesday, February 21st withUntitled-1 prizes being handed out at 9p on Tuesday, March 28th. This is 6 Tuesdays to play 10 games total!
Where: Game Universe – Brookfield
What: 50/50 X-Wing League. You bring two different 50-point lists, your opponent brings two different 50-point lists, you swap one list each and play with all 100 points that you’re left with!
Entry: $10
Prizes: 100% League Fee Payout!
-All players will receive an Alt-Art Upgrade Card with entry.
For League Winners:
-3 Alt-Art Ketsu Onyo
-Acrylic Tractor Beam Tokens
-Alt- Art Soontir Fel
-Acrylic Bomb Token
-Custom Painted Upsilon-Class Shuttle and a group of 5 Official FFG Acrylic Shield Tokens will be raffled! Raffle tickets will be given based on attendance and “Bonus Games” played.
Above prizes assume 8 players. Additional prizes will be added, possibly including gift cards to Game Universe, if more than 8 players sign up!
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Netrunner Store Championships!

Are you a champion? Battle in our Netrunner Store adn_2016_storechamp_productlayoutChampionship!
When:  Saturday, January 14th at noon at Game Universe – Franklin
Saturday, February 11th at noon at Game Universe – Brookfield
Entry: $10
Top 32 – The top thirty-two players will each receive a copy of the alternate art card “Pad Campaign” – an easy, hands-off investment that can pay for itself…If you can protect it.
Top 8 – The top eight players will each receive a deckbox to hold your assets and hardware in.
Top 4 – The top four players will each receive a playmat depicting some Anarchs ready to run amok.
Top 2 – The top two players will each receive a printed acrylic token to be used with the card “Femme Fatale”.
First Place – The winner will receive a color printed plaque and a first round bye (not pictured) to a 2017 Android: Netrunner Regional Championship of their choice!

Star Wars Destiny Tournament 3/4

When:  Saturday, March 4th at 1pswd01_anc_slider
Where:  Game Universe – Franklin
Entry:  $5
What:  Use the Force at our Star Wars Destiny Tournament!
Top 16 one core prize card:alt art tie fighter
Top 4 choose between the 4 grand prizes, 2 sets acrylic energy tokens and 2 alt art Kylo Rens.
Store credit for top rankings.