Why Street Wraith Should Be Banned by Jake Hyatt

Many Modern players will immediately say that the current modern metagame is at its healthiest point since before Eldrazi Winter of 2015. A diverse and fun format is essential to any competitive game. I believe it safe to say that Modern’s current metagame is not dominated by any degenerate or oppressive decks. This doesn’t mean that the modern format is at its best. Let’s talk about what factors are currently contributing to a stale modern format.jake1

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Dice Masters: Villians! – 8/12

When:  Saturday, August 12th at NoonWizkids-DM
Where:  Game Universe – Franklin
Entry:  $5 to go towards booster pack prize support
What:  That’s right Dice Masters, this week bring your favorite crooks, bad guys and evildoers to go toe-to-toe with your opponents’ miscreants, scoundrels and criminals! Concoct your best scheme and rule the underworld!
If you are a new or returning player, please bring whatever you have if you don’t have enough villains in your collection.
Trench coats, rings and otherwise villainous apparel optional.

Heroclix Old School Booster Event – 8/12

When:  Saturday, August 12th at 2pWizKids_HeroClix_Logo_Small
Where:  Game Universe – Franklin
Entry:  $12
What:  Come and play in a sealed booster event using boosters from the first few sets of heroclix. Entry is $12.00, for which you get two old school boosters to make a 300 point team.  This event is only able to accommodate nine(9) players.
Prizes:  There will be participation prizes for all as well as a grand prize of a Colossal Dormammu.

Dice Masters – 8/5

When:  Saturday,, August 5th at NoonWizkids-DM
Where:  Game Universe – Franklin
Entry:  $5
What:  This week, construct your team with characters whose names all begin with the same letter! Deadpool, Daredevil and Darkseid etc for example!  If you’re a new or returning player, please just make a team out of what you’ve got and come have fun!
Prizes:  Entry fee goes towards booster pack prize support. Players will also receive their weekly promo participation picks plus an additional pick to the winner of fellowship!