Pre-order Iconic Masters – in stores 11/17

Enhance your Commander, Modern, Vintage, and Legacy decks with the new Iconic Masters booster box in stores November 17th while supplies are available!  This exciting set lets you draw on some of the most Iconic cards from throughout the history of MTG. Mana Drain, Elesh Norn, Aether Vial, Ancestral Vision, Flusterstorm, Horizon Canopy, Cryptic Command, Thoughtseize, Auriok Champion and more! In-store pickup only.

Pre-order price $229.99 plus tax

Final Fantasy TCG: Bring & Battle


When:  Sunday, November 12th at Noon
Where:  Game Universe – Franklin
Entry:  FREE
What: Come experience the world of the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game! Bring friends and introduce them to the Final Fantasy TCG battle system with a FREE demo deck!
1. New players will receive a demo deck (while supplies last)
2. Player and guest will receive a non-foil promo