Black Friday Magic

Black Friday Magic returns to Game Universe Greenfield this Friday in an all new format!

11 AM: Booster Draft
3 PM: 2-Headed Giant

6 PM: Friday Night Magic
Entry = $25 ALL DAY PASS, or per event (see below)Here’s how this works. If you want to play all day, you pay $25 at the door, and that gets you into a Booster Draft and 2-Headed Giant, covers all your packs and lands, and gets you FREE entry into Friday Night Magic. You also get 2 snacks (soda, chips, candy bars, whatever you like) as part of your entry. If you just want to play in one or two of the events, you can pay for them separately at the following rate:

$15 Booster Draft
$20 2-Headed Giant
$6 FNM

Everyone who participated in the draft gets to keep what they draft for 2-Headed Giant. We will randomly assign you a 2HG partner, and the two of you will get 2 more packs from any standard-legal set to open and add to your pool. You can also share cards in your draft pools. We will then play FNM as normal, except with more than DOUBLE our normal prize payout and depth ($10 per person who plays all day in the prize pool and a top-8 payout).

BONUS MINI MASTER: Once during the day you may, at your option, buy a booster pack and challenge another player to a MiniMaster. You may use these cards in your 2HG card pool.

Join us, for all-day Black Friday Magic!

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