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75 Gnom’ StreetCMNGNM001
Publisher:  Cool Mini or Not
Estimated Release:  Q2 2017
The garden at 75 Gnom’ Street may seem ordinary, but for years, it’s been the battleground for some intense gnome gang wars. After decades of burglaries and hoarding, it’s time to determine which gang will own the turf for good.
75 Gnom’ Street is a hilarious fight for territory and information. Over the course of several rounds, players will try to control parts of the garden and steal their opponents’ loot!
2-4 Players, Age 14+, 45-60 Minutes

75 Gnom’ Street Preorder $44.99 + tax

Mansions of Madness Dice Pack 2emom dice
Publisher:  Fantasy Flight
Estimated Release:  TBA
This set of custom dice will allow you to immerse yourself even deeper in the horrors of Mansions of Madness Second Edition. Seamlessly progress through each and every battle and skill test by keeping six additional dice, identical to those included in the core game, close at hand. With the exceptionally convenient Mansions of Madness Second Edition Dice Pack in your collection, you can dive headfirst into the gameplay experience, fighting off gruesome monsters and swiftly solving tricky puzzles without interruption.

MoM: Dice Pack 2E Preorder $6.29 + tax

Phoenix SyndicatePhoenix Syndicate
Publisher:  Asmadi
Estimated Release:  TBA
Legend tells of the daring exploits and relentless greed of The Phoenix Syndicate, that rose to power and created a galactic regime. But the old order has lost its fire and become bogged down with the affairs of the masses. It is time for a new syndicate to rise from the ashes of the old…and make a tidy profit along the way.
The Phoenix Syndicate is a game about building a network of agents on planets spread across the galaxy. Every time you play, a new galaxy is created by randomly arranging the galactic hexes. You will claim contracts over the course of play, each specifying planets you may want to bring into your network. The better you can fulfill these contracts, the more lucrative the deal is and the more credits you will gain. Connecting planets to your network will require resources, which, of course, you “acquire” from the planets where you already have agents.
2-5 Players, Age 14+, 60-90 Minutes

Phoenix Syndicate Preorder $44.99 + tax