Bolt Action Tournament – Operation Ares 4/6

When:  Thursday, April 6th at 6pgerman2
Where:  Game Universe – Franklin
Entry:  $10 including pizza
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Registration starts at 5:30pm. So please come early if possible! I would like to start the tournament at 6:00pm, but we all know we don’t live in a perfect world. Yet a maximum effort would be greatly appreciated.
At registration, players will present 2 printed copies (lists) of their 600 point force. One copy will be turned in, the other will remain with you during the event.

Operation Ares will be 3 Rounds (3 Games). At the end of the 3 rounds, if a 4th round is needed to determine placement, it will be played. Each round will be limited to 1 hour. The games will be played on a 4′ X 4′ mat with terrain provided and themed for that particular scenario. This event is an “Open” event, which means there is no Axis vs Allies, it’s just you against everyone else.

1st Place will receive a Bolt Action Prize and Game Universe Gift Certificate. Amount based on participation.
2nd Place will receive a Game Universe Gift Certificate. Amount based on participation.
3rd Place will receive a Game Universe Gift Certificate. Amount based on participation.
Ares Participation Award will be presented in the form of a Game Universe Gift Certificate. Amount based on participation.

Your force will be limited to a 600 point re-inforced platoon.
The following WILL NOT be allowed in your force:
1. Flamethrowers
2. Heavy Howitzers
3. Off Board Artillery
4. Air Observers or aircraft.
Also, the following armies will have the listed changes;
British: Instead of a free Artillery Observer, your force will recieve an extra 50 points instead, in order to replace that team.
French: You can field a Light Howitzer for Free.

When Ares the God of War shows you favor … He gives you a second chance. What am I talking about? I am talking about earning tokens (FAVORS) that you cash in for re-rolls.
So how do you earn favor with Ares?
Well, first off … EVERYONE GETS TWO AT REGISTRATION! But now, save your receipts!
Starting today, all purchases of Bolt Action and Konflikt 47′ product at Game Universe will get you more of Ares’s favor! Turn in your receipts at registration and earn favors:
Total Purchases more than $25 = 1 favor
Total Purchases more than $50 = 2 favors
Total Purchases more than $75 = 3 favors
Total Purchases more than $100 = 4 favors
This includes pre-paid special orders! That’s a lot of re-rolls … so start building your forces!

SUMMARY: In the end, the reason we are doing this is to have fun! Put your force down on the battlefield … Have a mission and time restraint and go for it! I will have everything ready to go, so start thinking about your force and may Ares be in your favor!

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