Game Universe is Hiring! Universe is looking for a part-time sales associate to work weekends with some possible weekday hours. We’re looking for someone with a strong knowledge of board games or RPGs, excellent customer service skills, and the ability to host tournaments and other gaming events. Some retail experience preferred, knowledge of a wide variety of games a must.

Please email a resume to Matthew Vercant,, subject line “Sales Associate Opening,” or stop by either of our stores to pick up an application.vkbotпродвижение сайтов google

Iron Dice are In!

The infamous Iron Dice have arrived at Game Universe, at least a couple weeks before they arrive in regular distribution. These dice are each made of silver-plated, white metal and covered with a colored translucent paint to highlight their metal luster. Their mass is much more substantive than any plastic or resin die, making for a unique gaming feel and experience.

We also managed to get our paws on a modest horde of ultra rare, high-detail, silver-etched iron dice. Swing by our Greenfield store and check these out while they last!

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Boardgame Night – Brookfield

We would like to attempt to host a Board Game night at our new store in Brookfield where we can play any game that is in our library or one you bring. The idea being that it’s much easier to learn a game from others then to read the rules. So, since we have some 50+ current games open at that store, why not make use of them. It would be a weekly event and a small group 4-6 players most likely (since it’s weekly the people who show will most likely be different each week). I will promote this to the new customers at our store as a way to learn and try out games before they buy.

The only question is, which day? Here are my suggestions and I welcome input before I finalize it.

Monday 6pm
Wednesday 6pm
Sunday 1pm

Post here or email me at webmaster at or signup for our newsletter off our website.

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GRAND OPENING PARTY: This not-so-lucky chap is shooting a plush d6 across the store to get it into a basket for a $50 gift certificate! We gave away over $100 in gift certificates, over 70 plush dice, 50 memberships, and tons more. Thank you all for your support! Check out more pictures ON FACEBOOK.написать текст по кругу онлайниндексирование в google