FFG Regionals at Game Universe Greenfield

We are proud to announce that Game Universe Greenfield has been selected as the host for three Fantasy Flight Regional Tournaments; Call of Cthulhu LCG, X-Wing Miniatures and Star Wars LCG.

Call of Cthulhu – May 24th, 2014
X-Wing™ – May 17th, 2014
Star Wars™: The Card Game – July 26th, 2014
The events will take place in our spacious game room, feature custom tables and gaming supplies, cool swag raffles, and more! Each event will cost $20 at the door.


Event details will be posted soon, or you can see a general overview at Fantasy Flight Games. You are welcome to preregister any time between now and the day before the event by calling 414.427.8800 or stopping by the store. Payment is required at the time of pre-registration.

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Sunday LCG League – the Falls, Noon


At noon every Sunday at our Menomonee Falls location, we are hosing a Living Card Game League with an emphasis on Netrunner. The entry is $6, and you get cool swag for every week you play.

Vital Event Stats

  • $6 entry
  • Free play (play with whomever you like, non-competitive fun games)
  • Choose a cool card, playmat, deck or other neat gaming promo from our league kits.
  • Play more weeks, get more exclusive goodies!

We also have a cool Netrunner Tournament coming up on March 30. If you play in our League, you save $5 off the entry fee for the tournament!siteплан анализа сайта

Netrunner Giveaway – At Feb 23 Championship in the Falls

If you played in our Greenfield store’s Netrunner Championship, then you are automatically entered to win one FREE copy of the Netrunner Core game or $40 store credit. Only players who played in our Greenfield event are eligible to participate in this give away, as a special thank you to them.

To win this give away, you must attend our Menomonee Falls location’s store Championship on Feb 23. Giveaway will be held at the start of the event Feb 23 Championship.

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Born of the Gods Game Day, March 1 & 2

Born of the Gods Logo
Born of the Gods Game Day is coming up on March 1 and 2. We will be hosting Standard Win a Box tournaments, as well as letting our players face the Horde as part of the cycle of special events at all Theros block Game days! 1st place will also get a Game Day Champion playmat, top 8 will get a sweet full-art promo, and everyone will get a full-art participation promo!
Greenfield: Noon, March 1, $10 entry, first place wins a box of Born of the Gods
Brookfield: Noon, March 2, $10 entry, first place wins a box of Born of the Gods
Menomonee Falls: Noon, March 1, $10 entry, first place wins a box of Born of the Gods
If we get fewer than 8 players, we reserve the right to issue store credit to 1st equal to the total value of all entry fees.

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FFG Store Championships – Additional Prize Support

Wow, just wow – the turnout for our Netrunner Store Championship was far beyond what we expected. Thank you to everyone who came out for this event! We had a blast and enjoyed seeing so many out-of-towners coming down for the event.


This was the first store championship we’ve every run, at any of our locations, and while lots of things were awesome, we do think we could plan better for prize support. So, for of the remaining store championships this year, we are adding a second tier of prize support to account for higher-than-expected turnouts.

More than 12 players

Though the prize kits do have 32 participation cards, they really do not support 32 players in what we consider an adequate way. If we get more than 12 players, we will add the following prizes, as attendance warrants. Each tier will be cumulative, so if we get 16 players, all the 12 player, 14 player AND 16 player prizes will be given out, in addition to the kit from FFG.

  • 12+ players:  All contents of the prize kit will be given out, either “raffle style,” or 2x per player, as appropriate based on attendance.
  • 14+ players: Last place will receive a $20 gift card good at any Game Universe location.
  • 16+ players: 1st and 2nd place will receive a $10 gift card good at any Game Universe location.
  • 18+ players: We will give away $5 in store credit to four different participants who stay for all rounds of the main event
  • 20+ players: As 18+ but to eight players instead of four, and so on for every 2 additional players in the main event.

Again, thank you to everyone who came out! We appreciate your support and had a great time gaming with you.ezoterika-forum.ruреклама на сайте от гугл