Black Friday Magic, November 29

Game Universe Greenfield will host our 5th annual Black Friday Magic Tournament running all day long and incorporating FNM on Friday, Nov 29. This event will have 3 sub-events, players may participate in any combination, or all of them for a discounted price. Avoid the shopping chaos and play some Magic!
Our Greenfield and Menomonee Falls store will be hosting these events.
Cost for the whole day’s events is $40
Otherwise, costs per-event are listed individually below. Registration begins at 11 am. and the entry fee covers all three events and 2 snacks (chips, soda, candy, etc) of your choice throughout the day.
Draft | $15 each, or $40 for the day
The first leg of our Black Friday fun will begin at 11:30 a.m. and will feature 3 rounds of Theros Draft!
  • Prizes: The winner at each 8-person table will get 4 booster packs.
Sealed | $ 30 each, or $40 for the day
At 3 p.m. we’ll begin a Sealed deck event! Those who drafted earlier will get 3 more Standard booster packs of their choice (does not need to be Theros) to add to their sealed deck. People playing in just this event will get 6 packs, 3 Theros and 3 other standard-legal packs of their choice.
  • Prizes: 1 pack for every player who enters will go into a prize pool, to be split among the top-finishers at the end of round 3.
Black Friday Night Magic | $6 or FREE if you played Draft or Sealed
We’ll begin our usual Standard Constructed FNM a little later (as it’s a special occasion) at 6:30 p.m. Anyone who played in an earlier event gets in to FNM for FREE!
  • Prizes: Our usual FNM payout of store credit + 1 pack for going X-1 or better, PLUS overall prizes to be awarded at the end of FNM.
Overall Black Friday Magic Champions
Our overall Black Friday Magic Champions will be the player(s) who has the highest total match points from all 3 main events. In the event of a tie, tie breakers will be used by taking an average from all 3 main events.
Overall Black Friday Winners
The players with the best records and combined tie-breakers for all three events will win an additional prize based on all-day attendance as follows:
ALL players in the Top 8 will get 1 Game Universe Playmat. In addition, the following bonus prizes will be awarded based on final standings.
  • 8 Players:
    • 1st place: 10 Booster Packs OR $40 store credit
  • 16 Players:
    • 1st place: 10 Booster Packs OR $40 store credit
    • 2nd place: 6 booster packs OR $24 store credit
  • 20 Players:
    • 1st place: 10 booster packs OR $40 store credit
    • 2nd place: 6 booster packs OR $24 store credit
    • 3rd Place: 4 booster packs OR $16 store credit
  • 24 players:
    • 1st place: 12 booster packs OR $48 store credit
    • 2nd place: 7 booster packs OR $28 store credit
    • 3rd Place: 5 booster packs OR $20 store credit
  • 32+ players:
    • 1st place: 16 booster packs OR $64 store credit
    • 2nd place: 10 booster packs OR $40 store credit
    • 3rd Place: 6 booster packs OR $24 store credit
Other Stuff
All prizes are based on attendance and are subject to change or substitution of a like product or store credit in the event that a product becomes unavailable.

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Theros Game Day, Oct 19 & 20

Are you brave enough to Face the Hydra? Join us for Theros Game Day, at noon, this Saturday at Game Universe Greenfield and Game Universe Menomonee Falls. Also, at noon on Sunday, Game Universe Brookfield will host another Hydra-tastic Theros Game Day. Here are the vital stats.

Format: Standard Constructed
$10 entry
1st place wins a box of Theros + 1 Champion playmat
Top 8 get a full art promo rare

All participants get a full art promo

In addition, this game day will feature the FACE THE HYDRA CHALLENGE!
Can you best the Hydra at it’s own game (It’s game involves eating
you, which I guess means you’d have to… eat… the hydra? Anyway).
This event will feature a special, hydra challenge deck, which will be
available to try or purchase during the event. For more details, go to
or ask your friendly local game store representative for gameпоисковое продвижение сайтов петербург

Magic Celebration, Sept 7 and 8

Join us for the 2013 Magic Celebration this weekend. This event is free to play, and everyone who enters gets free booster packs. Awesome! Where are these events happening and when? Check it out…




For those of you who haven’t attended Magic Celebration before, it is a special format event.

To play, you open your booster pack and choose a color of cards from your booster you want to play. Then, ask the tournament organizer for a Magic 2014 Core Set Sample Deck of that color to use as the rest of your deck. Shuffle the cards you want to play from your booster pack into your sample deck and play three best-of-three matches with different opponents.

When you’ve played all of your matches, show your completed score card (on the back of your achievement card) to the tournament organizer to receive an additional Magic 2014 Core Set booster pack as a prize!

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Labor Day Weekend Sale, Aug 30 – Sept 2

This weekend, save some hard-earned money at our Labor Day Weekend sale, Friday August 30 through Monday September 2 at all Game Universe locations.

Save 25% off sticker price of all marked items


Magic 2014 Booster Boxes – $105 each, or $99 for Members

Save on the following items
– HeroClix Fast Forces, Gravity Feeds and more
– All D&D Reprint Books (2nd Edition, AD&D, 3rd ed, etc)
– All Warhammer and Warmachine miniatures and figures
– All Magic Starter decks
– Dragon’s Maze pre-release packs
– D&D Dungeon Command
– Select board games throughout the store
– Much more!

From all of us at Game Universe, enjoy your holiday and happy gaming!siteкак правильно раскручивать сайт

Living Card Game League Nights

We proudly present our Living Card Game League Night. Each week, you bring your favorite LCG, a friend, and an appetite for cool promos, and we set you up! Here’s how it works.

  • Each week costs $6 to play.
  • You can play any LCG you want – it’s not a tournament, so pickup games count!
  • Every week that you play, you get to choose successively better rewards from our League Champion Prize Pool!

League Champion Rewards

Playing more league games gets you better rewards!

Weeks 1-6, Loyal Squire = Any full-art participation promo, any participation tokens, house cards, etc.

Weeks 7-10, Mighty Hero = Any full art rare promo or LOYAL SQUIRE rewards

Weeks 11-12, League Champion = A Living Card Game Playmat of your choice, or any MIGHTY HERO or LOYAL SQUIRE reward


League night is at 6 pm, Wednesday in our Greenfield store and Thursday in Menomonee Falls!

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10th Anniversary Board Game Party, August 3

Great merciful meeples, Game Universe Greenfield is 10 years old!

We’re celebrating the success of the gaming community in Milwaukee with a barbeque at Game Universe! Food is free to members of MilCog and those holding a Game Universe Lifetime membership. Members are invited to bring a dish to pass, chips or something else if they like.

In addition to grabbing a brat or burger, grab some games!

If we can get 30 people, Game Universe will give away three $10 gift cards to lucky participants. If we get 60+ people, GU will add a copy of Mice and Mystics (or a similarly priced game). If we get 100 or more players, Game Universe will do all that, but also give away a copy of Twilight Imperium!

Still not enough? Game Universe is also hosting HeroClix Fear Itself on the same day, so if you’re a comic book fan, you can jump into a great intro game of Clix, or just grab a board game from the game library and play all day!

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