Dice Master: Chaotic Conundrum – 12/16

When: Saturday, December 16th, starting at 2pm
Where: Game Universe – Franklin
Entry: $5
What: Dust off some older cards and put together a Golden Age constructed team. All cards are legal minus the two actions listed here. At different times during the event, players will roll a Chaos Die (d20) that casts an evil spell! For more information, click here!

Dice Master: Tomb Of Annihilation Draft – 12/2

Join us this weekend as we enter THE TOMB OF ANNIHILATION!

When: Saturday, December 2nd, starting at Noon
Where: Game Universe – Franklin
Entry: $10
What: Players just need to bring their sidekick dice and action dice/color reminder cards (it’s recommend one brings three colors, just in case you bring the same as your opponent).  For more information, click here!