Rune Wars: Franklin Store Championship – 2/24

This is a time for Heroes!

When: Saturday, February 24th, starting at Noon
Registration: begins at 11am
Where: Game Universe – Franklin
Entry: $15
Format: Army list required. Tournament rules can be found here.
Prize Support: Top 32 receive an extended art Reanimates card. The top 8 receive a set of four wooden overgrowth tokens. The top 4 receive a wooden range ruler. The top 2 receive a plastic Aymhelin Scion unit card. Champion receives an art plaque and Regional Championship prize bye.

Game of Thrones: Brookfield Store Championship – 3/10

You want honor? You want glory? These can be yours—as can all the riches that accompany the Store Championships!  

When: Saturday, March 10th, starting at Noon
Where: Game Universe – Brookfield
Entry: $15
Format: Decklist required. Tournament rules can be found here.
Prize Support: Top 32 receive an alternate art card of The Knight of Flowers. The top 8 receive a custom deck box. The top 4 receive a playmat featuring Chella Daughter of Cheyk. The top 2 receive a set of acrylic ear tokens. Champion receives an art plaque and Regional Championship prize bye.

From the Owner-February Special!

First, I’d like to personally thank everyone for an exciting first year! While it had some ups and downs, one of the best things from this past year was getting to know all of you. I think we have a great community. I’ve been pleasantly surprised that I like to spend my own free time with you, socializing as well as gaming.

I am incredibly pleased by all of the new events and products that we have been able to introduce including adding miniatures, second-hand games, and expanding our selection of MTG:singles. We were able to do this, all while honoring the promises of the previous ownership.

In reviewing all of the great things that have been accomplished in 2017, it has become apparent that some changes are also going to need to be made, specifically with the membership program.

It is with great sadness that I have to announce that we will be changing how the rewards will be awarded. This was not an easy decision. There was a great deal of debate and struggle. While I would have liked to continue with the old membership, it just wasn’t viable. I believe the new structure will be fair to all of us. Check out the new membership program rewards by clicking here.

I believe 2018 will be an exciting time for Game Universe as we work together to continue to grow and expand the events and product lines that are offered!

In order to show my appreciation, Game Universe will be offering 25% off on all board games and non-collectible card games for the month of February!

Thank you,
Andrew O. Rowe, Owner

*If you are already signed up for the membership program, you may begin accumulating points on your next purchase!

Now Buying RPG Books!

Game Universe is proud to announce that we are now buying used Role-playing Books*!

We are interested in creating a wide and diverse inventory of used books. So, be sure to stop in any time with your collection of old role-playing books! Hardcover, softcover, any condition will be considered!

Please note that we are not able to make estimates or offers from a list or over the phone; we must see the actual books.

*GU will be happy to look at any collection and make an offer. Some of the types of books we tend not to be able to pay as much for include: heavily worn books, missing covers, D&D 4th edition.