The All New Judge Dredd Miniature Game is Coming!

Coming out in November from Warlord Games! Reserve your stuff or be Judged today!

400 million people, and every one of them a potential criminal – welcome to the world of Mega-City One and Judge Dredd – he is the law!

Build a force and take to the streets, playing as the Justice Department or one of their many enemies. Pick up the Starter Set to ensure you get playing as fast as possible, or pick up a Rulebook if you know your friend already got a Starter Set!

The Starter Set includes 10 Miniatures (8 gang members and 2 street judges), a rulebook, a double sided full-color play mat, dice, and tokens!

To reserve a copy of this cool new miniature game, stop in and talk to an employee, give us a call at our Brookfield (262) 786-9800 or Franklin (414) 427-8800 location, OR email Jake at!

Reservations close by Sunday, November 3rd. Save yourself from being Judged!

Marvel Champions LCG Launch Day Event!

What: Marvel Champions LCG Launch Day Event!
Where: GU – Franklin and GU – Brookfield
When: Saturday, November 2nd at 12pm
What: The Launch Day Event will utilize the contents of the Launch Day Organized Play Kit! This kit supports up to 4 people, so if we have more than 4 players, we will raffle off the contents of the kit and give the rest of the players a $5 gift card to compensate.
Entry: $5



Final Fantasy Opus X Pre-Release!

When:  Sunday, November 3rd at 12:30pm
Where:  Game Universe – Franklin
Entry:  $45
Prizes: Store Credit based on attendance (2 packs/person) to help with buying some Opus X on release day with extra promo cards for all!
What: Open and play with the new set 1 week before the official release of Opus X. During this event you’ll receive a kit containing:
• Nine (9) Opus X: Ancient Champions Booster Packs
• One (1) Pre-Release Exclusive Tidus [PR-061 / 10-117 H] Promo Card
• One (1) Pre-Release Exclusive Sleeve Pack

You’ll have 1 hour to open the boosters and create a deck with the boosters you’ve received. That means you don’t have to bring any cards with you!

Final Fantasy Opus X: Ancient Champions Reservations

Final Fantasy Opus X: Ancient Champions is almost here!

Release: Friday, November 8th

Reserve your booster box* below and receive a full art Buy-A-Box promo featuring FINAL FANTASY VIII protagonist, Squall!

Final Fantasy Opus X: Ancient Champions

*In Store Pick-Up ONLY

Mighty heroes of myth, horrific daemon lords and revered sages… They are the keepers of balance and the guardians of chaos… Use the inhuman power of these legendary figures to defeat your rivals and reach the top!

Opus 10 features numerous characters whispered of in myth and legend. Experience the power of these epic figures in your games of FFTCG! Opus 10 also sees the introduction of the new key word “Damage”, which initiates unique text effects once a player has taken a specified amount of damage. This opens up further tactical options, such as deliberately taking damage or holding off from dealing it in the early game, leading to even more exciting late-game developments than ever seen before.

Opus X enhances the play experience and collectability, featuring popular characters from titles such as FINAL FANTASY III, XI, XII, BRAVE EXVIUS, and more! This set features exclusive, original art from the following FINAL FANTASY veterans:
• Yasuhisa Izumisawa: “WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY”
• Isamu Kamikokuryo: “FINAL FANTASY XII”
• Toshitaka Matsuda: “FINAL FANTASY III”
• Akira Oguro: “FINAL FANTASY IV”

Booster packs include: 12 cards total, with 1 Premium Foil card. There will also be 22 full art cards obtainable within OPUS X: Ancient Champions Booster Set!

Reserve your booster box* and receive a full art Buy-A-Box promo featuring FINAL FANTASY VIII protagonist, Squall!

Final Fantasy Opus X: Ancient Champions

*In Store Pick-Up ONLY

EDH Halloween Event & Magic Weekend!

Commander Spook-A-Thon! 

What: Halloween Commander Event!
When: Saturday, October 26th @ 6pm
Where: GU – Franklin
Entry: $15
Prize: Winner of a pod of 4 gets a From the Vault Transform
Additional Information – Your Commander must be one of the following creature types: 
  • Demon
  • Horror
  • Minion
  • Scarecrow
  • Rat
  • Skeleton
  • Spider
  • Vampire
  • Werewolf
  • Zombie
  • Spirit

Magic Weekend – BRAWL!

What: A Brawl event for Magic Weekend!
When: Saturday, October 26th
Where: Game Universe (both locations)
Entry: $5
Prize: Winner of a pod of 4 will get $20 store credit