Final Fantasy Pre-Release Date Changed

Final Fantasy Pre-Release for Opus VII moved to  Nov. 4th at 12:30

To all guests that love to play Final Fantasy TCG at Game Universe:
An error was made by Square Enix that affected the Opus VII pre-release shipments. Pre-release kits will not be available until the weekend of Nov. 3-4th.
Please click below for more information.

Due to this challenge, Game Universe’s Final Fantasy Opus VII pre-release is moved to Sunday, November 4th at 12:30.

Keyforge release announced – 11/15

Keyforge will be in stores on November 15th!

Enter a world where anything is possible in KeyForge! Here in the world’s first Unique Deck Game, created by legendary designer Richard Garfield,  two players become Archons racing to forge keys that unlock the hidden vaults of the Crucible, an artificial world built from pieces of countless planets. With an incredible array of creatures, artifacts, and abilities, no two decks are alike, and no two battles will ever be the same!

To learn more about Keyforge, click here!

Cruel Seas – Coming soon!

In Cruel Seas, a new naval combat game from Warlord Games, you take the battle to the seas of World War II, controlling dozens of small ships per side in immersive action.

This fast-paced game will launch with a whole range of plastic and resin ships in 1/300 scale, covering all theatres of the war.

Please contact your local GU so that we can gauge interest in this exciting new game!

Starter Set $79.99
Soft-cover Rulebook $31.99
Royal Navy Vosper MTB flotilla $28.99
US Navy PT boat flotilla $28.99
Kriegsmarine S-boat flotilla $28.99
British Royal Navy Fleet $98.99
German Kriegsmarine Fleet $98.99
US Navy Fleet $98.99
UN Fleet $98.99
Cruel Seas will be in stores the 8th of December. For more details, click here!

Doomtown Abomination OP – 11/10

The fightin’ has left Gomorra and reached Tombstone. Come and participate in the new OP series of Doomtown: Reloaded!

When: Saturday, November 10th, starting at Noon
Where: GU – Franklin
Entry: $10
Format: Standard. If you’ve gotten your copy of Too Tough To Die already feel free to use it, otherwise proxies for everything in that set as well as past sets are ok.
Prizes: Fancy promos

FOW Tanksgiving & Toys for Tots – 12/1

Gather your forces (and your toys) for an epic battle on the front!

When: Saturday, December 1st, starting at Noon
Where: GU – Franklin
Entry: A sealed toy valued at $15+. The toy will be donated to the Toys for Tots program. (For each additional toy, you will receive a token good for 1 in-game re-roll.)
Click here for details on the Toys for Tots program!
Format: Late-war Tanksgiving Mega Battle scenario, 1500 points. See rules here.

Prizes: (provided by Battlefront, if you register with Battlefront by 11.18.2018*)
• 1 Grand Prize – your height in boxes (laid flat, minimum height 5’8”)
• 5 Armies – each winner will be able to pick 150 points from the army of their choice (2,000 points for Late War, Early War, or Great War)
• 40 participants will be chosen to receive a random prize chosen from our books to boxes of tanks

*Drawings for the winners will take place via live stream on the Battlefront Facebook page sometime after the event.

No experience needed! We are able to provide forces, if needed.