HUGE 12 Days of Christmas Sale!

Starting December 1st through the 12th, check Facebook each day for a HUGE special 12 Days of Christmas Sale*!



*All sales are while supplies last and are in store pick-up only. If you can’t make it in, give us a call and we will be happy to take your order over the phone. You can then come pick up your items at your leisure!



In stores December 16th. Pre-order yours today and SAVE! For more details, click here to check it out!

Warhammer 40k

Astra Militarum Battlegroup 31 models included!
MSRP: $170 SPECIAL: $119.99 

1x Leman Russ Battle Tank $49.50
1x Sentinel $30
1x Chimera $37.25
1x Cadian Command Squad $25
2x Cadian Shock Troops boxes $29
1x Ogryn box $47
Total Retail Cost: $217.75
YOU SAVE: $97.76

Genestealer Cults Insurrection 32 models included!
MSRP: $170 SPECIAL: $119.99 

1x Goliath $60
1x Broodcoven $60
1x Neophyte Hybrid box $40
1x Neophyte Hybrid Squad $45
1x Acolyte Hybrid Box $40
Total Retail Cost: $245
YOU SAVE: $125.01

Orks Cult of Speed 22 models included!
MSRP: $170 SPECIAL: $119.99 

1x Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun $37
1x box of Bikers $41.25
1x Battlewagon $66
1x Trukk $37.25
1x Ork Boyz box $29
1x Ork Lootas box $25
Total Retail Cost: $235.50
YOU SAVE: $115.51

T’au Empire Rapid Insertion Cadre 24 models included!
MSRP: $170 SPECIAL: $119.99 

1x Commander in Crisis Suit $50
1x Ghostkeel $75
1x Crisis Suit Team $75
2x Stealth Suit Teams $54
Total Retail Cost: $254
YOU SAVE: $134.01

Age of Sigmar

Grand Alliance Death: Blade of the Blood Queen 34 models included!
MSRP: $170 SPECIAL: $119.99 

1x Mortarch $80
1 box of Morghast $60
2x boxes of Skeletons $24.75
1x Wight King $14.75
1x box of Grave Guard $41.25
Total Retail Cost: $220.75
YOU SAVE: $100.76

Kharadon Overlords Sky Fleet 16 models included!
MSRP: $170 SPECIAL: $119.99 

1x Frigate $80
1x Gunhauler $50
1x Admiral $25
1x box of Arkanaut Company $45
1x box of Endrinriggers $40
Total Retail Cost: $240
YOU SAVE: $120.01

Stormcast Eternals Vanguard Brotherhood 32 models included!
MSRP: $170 SPECIAL: $119.99 

2x boxes of Vanguard Raptors $35
1x Lord-Aquilor $40
1x Vanguard Hunters box $60
1x Vanguard Palladors box $60
1x Gryph-Hounds box $25
Total Retail Cost: $220
YOU SAVE: $100.01

Tzeentch Arcanites Changecult 47 models included!
MSRP: $170 SPECIAL: $119.99 

2x Skyfire boxes $70
1x box of Kairic Acolytes $50
2x boxes of Tzaangors $80
1x Shaman $35
Total Retail Cost: $235
YOU SAVE: $115.01

*While supplies last. In store pick-up only.