Dice Masters: There Goes My Hero – 8/26

When:  Saturday, August 26th at Noon157518-662573-11-115893
Where:  Game Universe – Franklin
Entry:  $5 to go towards booster pack prize support
What:  Watch him as he rolls! It’s Heroes Only this weekend, build a team consisting of your favorite good guys and defend truth & justice at Game Universe Franklin!
If you are a new or returning player please bring whatever you’ve got if you don’t have enough heroes in your collection!

Commander 2017

Commander 2017 is here! 


Enjoy our preorder specials on decks of Commander 2017 while they last!

A Case of Commander 2017 is $10 off at $129.99.

A Deck of Commander 2017 is $34.99. Receive a free pack of Hour of Devastation!

For the first time ever, you may build your own Commander 2017 case! 4 decks of your choice at $139.99 (MSRP)

All Commander 2017 purchases must be picked up at your local Game Universe Store.

Release day is: Friday  8/25/17

Specials are only good if you preorder and pay in full before release day.

These specials are honored in store as well.



Dice Masters: Villians! – 8/12

When:  Saturday, August 12th at NoonWizkids-DM
Where:  Game Universe – Franklin
Entry:  $5 to go towards booster pack prize support
What:  That’s right Dice Masters, this week bring your favorite crooks, bad guys and evildoers to go toe-to-toe with your opponents’ miscreants, scoundrels and criminals! Concoct your best scheme and rule the underworld!
If you are a new or returning player, please bring whatever you have if you don’t have enough villains in your collection.
Trench coats, rings and otherwise villainous apparel optional.

Dice Masters – 8/5

When:  Saturday,, August 5th at NoonWizkids-DM
Where:  Game Universe – Franklin
Entry:  $5
What:  This week, construct your team with characters whose names all begin with the same letter! Deadpool, Daredevil and Darkseid etc for example!  If you’re a new or returning player, please just make a team out of what you’ve got and come have fun!
Prizes:  Entry fee goes towards booster pack prize support. Players will also receive their weekly promo participation picks plus an additional pick to the winner of fellowship!

MtG: Game Day – 8/5

When:  Saturday, August 5th, registration from 11am till 11:45, event starts at NoonHOUbannerS
Where:  Both Game Universe locations
Entry:  $10
What:  Bring your Standard Constructed deck and prepare and have some fun!
Prizes: 2 Nicol Bolas playmats, 16 Adorned Pouncer Promo cards, Everyone gets a Promo Abrade card. 3 packs per person put in prize pool.