Used Game Wall Grand Opening and Open Gaming for Extra Life Charity

Second Hand Game Wall Grand Opening!
Due to the overwhelming popularity of our annual board game swap and sell we have decided to create a year round section for people to bring in and sell their used games and RPGs. In addition to this we have created a section for people to sell their miniature armies displayed behind glass. So please help us start this thing out right and come in November 4th and browse our new section as it fills up. Bring in your old games, armies, and RPG books and turn your old games into store credit. Read more on how to submit your games here.

Extra Life Charity Event
All Day we will be playing games to raise funds for sick kids at our local children’s
On Saturday, November 4th join the thousands of gamers and dedicate an entire day to play games and get donations!
100% of the donations go to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. TOGETHER we will make a difference for sick kids!
Can’t make it in?  Visit our donation page here!

Used Games

Game Universe features a Used Games section, full of gently used games at great prices. Used games are sold on a consignment basis. Each item (or set of items) has an accompanying condition report, completed by the seller, full of helpful information about the games’ condition and completeness. Swing on by and check out the offerings – they change all the time!

Want to sell your gently used games at Game Universe? Read on!

  • We are currently accepting used board games, and war game miniatures to sell. (Novels, toys, dice, and collectibles are currently not being accepted.)
  • A seller is limited to five items for active sale in our Used Games section. Exceptions can be made upon request and by approval of store owner.
  • Within reason, the seller may sell a “set” of items as a single item (such as a game plus expansions). These items will be shrink-wrapped together and presented and sold as a single item.
  • The seller must complete a USED GAME SUBMISSION FORM (a fillable form that you can complete and print ahead of time) for each item sold. You can download this form and bring it in, or we will have copies available at the store. The seller is expected to be honest about the condition of their item. Game Universe staff will review the Submission Form and suggest changes if we deem them appropriate. These forms will be available to view by potential buyers.
  • The seller determines a single asking price for the item. Please mark your sale price in whole dollars if possible (but this is not required). This price will be non-negotiable and Game Universe will only sell that item at that price. We will not break up item sets.
  • Upon submission, within a reasonable amount of time, Game Universe staff will prepare the used game for sale. We will attach a Used Game Sale Sticker (Post-It note adhesive only) to the item and shrink wrap the item before shelving. This note includes the asking price of the game and a summary of the Submission Form condition report.
  • Once shelved, an item will be given at least 60 days to sell. After that time, Game Universe may ask that the seller take the item back. An unsold item may not be submitted for sale again for at least another 60 days.
  • If a seller does not pick up a game within 30 days of being asked to take back their game they will surrender ownership of the game to Game Universe
  • Upon the sale of an item, the buyer will be given 3 days to return the item if he or she does not agree with the Submission Form condition report. This is the only condition under which we will accept a used game return.
  • Three days after the sale (or as soon as possible), the seller will receive a store credit for 80% of the asking price of the item, as submitted by the seller. Game Universe will process any Wisconsin Sales Tax associated with the purchase.
  • Game Universe has the right to refuse to accept any item due to demand, condition, appropriateness, existing copies already for sale, or any other reason.
  • A Used Game is sold on consignment and remains the property of the original owner until such a time as it sells or is removed from circulation. Game Universe does not purchase used games for resale.
  • Game Universe will assume responsibility for the care of item while in our possession.
  • Please note that, due to the nature of how Used Games are made available and sold, the price of a Used Game may not be adjusted. This means that discounts from the use of the membership program and other discounts may not be applied to Used Game purchases.

Heroclix – 10/28

When:  Saturday, October 28th at 5p
Where:  Game Universe – Franklin
Entry:  $5
What:  ‘What if? The Might Thor battles for the Merc Jet on Elseworlds’
Build a five hundred(500) point team using only game elements with the set symbol from the Mighty Thor, Elseworlds or What If?. And to make it more interesting, your whole team must come from one of the three listed sets. So if you choose the Might Thor set your entire team must be from the Mighty Thor. You like Elseworlds? Your whole team must have the Elseworlds set symbol. Players will be competing for a Merc Jet and there will be participation prizes. New rules are in affect. Please note the 5:00 start time.

Heroclix – Old School Event 9/30

When:  Saturday, September 30th at 1pWizKids_HeroClix_Logo_Small
Where:  Game Universe – Franklin
Entry:  $5
What:  Build a three hundred(300) point team using figures from any set before Marvel Avengers and DC Justice League sets. This means all the figures on your team should not have cards. No other game elements allowed. Don’t have any figures from those days? Game Universe currently has eight booster boxes in stock, from the following sets, Infinity Challenge, Xplosion, Cosmic Justice. And we’ll have a bag with a mixture of figures available for use. $5.00 entry fee for this event.
Prizes:  Participation Prizes for all and a Colossal Dormammu for first place.

Dice Masters: Guardians Of The Galaxy Rainbow Draft – 9/9

When:  Saturday, September 9th at NoonWizkids-DM
Where:  Game Universe – Franklin
Entry:  $12
What:  I’M MARY POPPINS, Y’ALL! One of the most anticipated Dice Masters sets is upon us and we’re gonna draft it!  Players need to bring their sidekick dice, action dice and action cards from any set.
If you have never drafted before or would like to brush up on how it works, check additional info below!
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Tanks! 9/16

When:  Saturday, September 16th at 2pTanks2 (1)
Where:  Game Universe – Franklin
Entry:  $5
What:  Bring out your squad and prepare for battle!  Double feature!
First and second Desert War event, all in one day!