L5R: Imperial Summons – 12/4

The Emperor Summons You!

When: Monday, December 4th, starting at 6pm
Where: Game Universe – Brookfield
Entry: $3
Format: Open Play. Players must build a 40-45 card Dynasty deck and 40-45 card Conflict deck—and choose 5 provinces and a stronghold—using at least two core sets
Prize Support: One alternate art Imperial Favor card will be given to each attendee. Seven extended art cards will be given out randomly among players using that respective clan. If no player chose a particular clan, we will distribute that clan’s extended art card randomly among all players that haven’t received an extended art card.

Dice Master: Tomb Of Annihilation Draft – 12/2

Join us this weekend as we enter THE TOMB OF ANNIHILATION!

When: Saturday, December 2nd, starting at Noon
Where: Game Universe – Franklin
Entry: $10
What: Players just need to bring their sidekick dice and action dice/color reminder cards (it’s recommend one brings three colors, just in case you bring the same as your opponent).  For more information, click here!

HUGE 12 Days of Christmas Sale!

Starting December 1st through the 12th, check Facebook each day for a HUGE special 12 Days of Christmas Sale*!



*All sales are while supplies last and are in store pick-up only. If you can’t make it in, give us a call and we will be happy to take your order over the phone. You can then come pick up your items at your leisure!



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Warhammer 40k

Astra Militarum Battlegroup 31 models included!
MSRP: $170 SPECIAL: $119.99 

1x Leman Russ Battle Tank $49.50
1x Sentinel $30
1x Chimera $37.25
1x Cadian Command Squad $25
2x Cadian Shock Troops boxes $29
1x Ogryn box $47
Total Retail Cost: $217.75
YOU SAVE: $97.76

Genestealer Cults Insurrection 32 models included!
MSRP: $170 SPECIAL: $119.99 

1x Goliath $60
1x Broodcoven $60
1x Neophyte Hybrid box $40
1x Neophyte Hybrid Squad $45
1x Acolyte Hybrid Box $40
Total Retail Cost: $245
YOU SAVE: $125.01

Orks Cult of Speed 22 models included!
MSRP: $170 SPECIAL: $119.99 

1x Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun $37
1x box of Bikers $41.25
1x Battlewagon $66
1x Trukk $37.25
1x Ork Boyz box $29
1x Ork Lootas box $25
Total Retail Cost: $235.50
YOU SAVE: $115.51

T’au Empire Rapid Insertion Cadre 24 models included!
MSRP: $170 SPECIAL: $119.99 

1x Commander in Crisis Suit $50
1x Ghostkeel $75
1x Crisis Suit Team $75
2x Stealth Suit Teams $54
Total Retail Cost: $254
YOU SAVE: $134.01

Age of Sigmar

Grand Alliance Death: Blade of the Blood Queen 34 models included!
MSRP: $170 SPECIAL: $119.99 

1x Mortarch $80
1 box of Morghast $60
2x boxes of Skeletons $24.75
1x Wight King $14.75
1x box of Grave Guard $41.25
Total Retail Cost: $220.75
YOU SAVE: $100.76

Kharadon Overlords Sky Fleet 16 models included!
MSRP: $170 SPECIAL: $119.99 

1x Frigate $80
1x Gunhauler $50
1x Admiral $25
1x box of Arkanaut Company $45
1x box of Endrinriggers $40
Total Retail Cost: $240
YOU SAVE: $120.01

Stormcast Eternals Vanguard Brotherhood 32 models included!
MSRP: $170 SPECIAL: $119.99 

2x boxes of Vanguard Raptors $35
1x Lord-Aquilor $40
1x Vanguard Hunters box $60
1x Vanguard Palladors box $60
1x Gryph-Hounds box $25
Total Retail Cost: $220
YOU SAVE: $100.01

Tzeentch Arcanites Changecult 47 models included!
MSRP: $170 SPECIAL: $119.99 

2x Skyfire boxes $70
1x box of Kairic Acolytes $50
2x boxes of Tzaangors $80
1x Shaman $35
Total Retail Cost: $235
YOU SAVE: $115.01

*While supplies last. In store pick-up only.