WarCry Casual Play and Demos!

GU – Brookfield

What: WarCry Demos!
When: Sundays @ 12pm, Wednesdays (after September 4th) & Thursdays @ 6pm
Where: GU – Brookfield

What: WarCry Casual Play!
When: Wednesdays @ 6pm
Where: GU – Brookfield Image result for Warhammer WarCry

GU – Franklin 

What: WarCry Demos!
When: Thursdays @ 6pm
Where: GU – Franklin

What: WarCry Casual Play!
When: Thursdays @ 6pm
Where: GU – Franklin

Harry Potter’s “Everything Potter” Event!

What: Harry Potter’s “Everything Potter” Event!
When: Saturday, August 31st
GU – Franklin
Come join the fun with us while we run a Harry Potter themed event all day! The day will consist of the following items, plus more!
HARRY POTTER DISCOUNT – All Harry Potter product will be discounted at 15%!
DEMOS!12pm: Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Demo with Darlene!
3pm: Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Defense Against the Dark Arts 2-Player Demo with Darlene! 
3pm: Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game Demo with Ken! 
COSTUMES are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! – Our staff will be dressed up in various Harry Potter garb and we recommend you join the fun with them!
MUSIC – Harry Potter Soundtrack Music played all night.

We cant wait for you to celebrate Harry Potter with us!

WarmaHordes August 2019 75 Point Steamroller!

Who: Y’all!
What: August 2019 75 Point Steamroller!
When: Saturday, August 17 – Registration 9:45 AM; Dice Rolle at 10 AM (<– NEW START TIME)
Where: Game Universe Brookfield – 19555 W Bluemound Rd, Brookfield, WI 53045, (262) 786-9800
Entry: $15 (includes lunch)

Deathclock format will be used.
SR2019 rules will be used.
The event will be capped at 4 rounds.

Standard Steamroller Kit, plus as long as there are 8+ people, we will vote for the best Sportsperson.

**Sportsmanship prize cannot go to a player that drops from the event.**
**Sportmanship is determined by popular vote.**

If you have 1 PAINTED AND ARCMARKED list you will be entered into an additional raffle.

PRE-REGISTRATION IS AVAILABLE! – Call the store at (262) 786-9800 to prepay and go online to www.conflictchamber.com/?event=967 to register your lists! Anyone that does both will be entered into a raffle!

Marvel: Crisis Protocol Miniatures Game Reservations!

Release Date: Friday, November 15th

Marvel Fans, Rejoice! Fantasy Flight and Atomic Mass Games revealed something else with a Marvel spin. Marvel Crisis Protocol is a new miniatures game coming to Game Universe soon and it’s packed with your favorite heroes and villains! Marvel Crisis Protocol is a new miniatures game coming to the market soon and it’s packed with some cool looking heroes and villains!

Pre-Order on PayPal by clicking the button below, or Reserve your copy by emailing Jake at gupurchasing@gmail.com!

Marvel Crisis Protocol Pre-Order Options

The game will feature a core set which features some famous heroes like Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Black Widow and Captain Marvel against nefarious foes like Ultron, Red Skull and Doctor Octavius as you can see here. Future ‘packs’ will come with larger than life heroes and villains like Hulk and M.O.D.O.K.

The game will focus in on players being able to freely bring together both villains and heroes and then clash with your friends embracing some cool game modes like raids, and narrative campaigns!

All of the miniatures are going to be multi-part plastics so there will be plenty of hobby involved in bringing this to life. They do look exceptionally well detailed and I can’t wait to see what they do going forward.

Avengers, Assemble!

Pre-Order Warcry Today!

Pre-Order Warcry today! Think of Kill Team, but in Age Of Sigmar!

To Pre-Order and get over $100 in savings, email Jake at gupurchasing@gmail.com, or call the store.
Franklin: 414-427-8800
Brookfield: 262-786-9800

The Starter Set 
“From across the Mortal Realms, disparate warbands make the dark pilgrimage to the Eightpoints, seeking the favour of Archaon the everchosen. Blades will clash, spears will fly, and the ground will be soaked with the blood of the slain – only the greatest warriors will triumph!

Enter the dark world of Warcry – a new skirmish game set in the world of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Choose your warband, and fight thrilling, fast paced tactical skirmishes in one-off battles or across epic narrative campaigns where your warriors grow and develop. This Starter Set is a must-have to play Warcry, giving you everything you need to start gaming and providing hours of thrills out of the box. Inside, you’ll find:

– 8 Iron Golems – an indomitable warband hailing from the Realm of Metal
– 9 Untamed Beasts – a savage warband hailing from the Realm of Beasts
– 6 Furies and 6 Raptoryx – vile Chaos beasts who can invade your games or be added to your warbands as Thralls
– 20 fighter cards and 4 ability cards with rules for all the above
– A vast array of modular terrain to represent the ruined battlescapes of the Eightpoints
– A double-sided 22”x30” folding gaming board to battle on
– Terrain, deployment, victory and twist decks for generating awesome battleplans in moments
– 18 D6, featuring the Warcry icon on the 6

What’s more, this Starter Set contains the full and unabridged Warcry Core Book – your complete introduction to the world and rules of this new game. The Core Book includes:
– The complete core rules for Warcry, allowing you to play the game
– Rules for open play, including two types of multiplayer battles for 3 or more players – Coalition of Death and Triumph & Treachery
– Rules for matched play, including guidelines to balancing your battleplans and advice on how to run a tournament
– Rules for narrative play that allow you to run thrilling campaigns and forge epic stories where your warband progresses in power and notoriety
– A campaign section, featuring campaign quests for a number of Warcry factions, plus name generation tables for creating your warbands”

For more information, go to the Warhammer Community Page by clicking here!

To Pre-Order and get over $100 in savings, email Jake at gupurchasing@gmail.com, or call the store.
Franklin: 414-427-8800
Brookfield: 262-786-9800

Judgement Miniature Game

In Judgement, players assume the role of one of the five ‘Everlasting’, demigods who live on the Shadow Plane known as Between. Each of the five were once champions of their race before transcending from mortals to demigods while on a quest to destroy the gods of old.

Judgement is a fast paced miniature game that brings all the elements of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) video game genre to the table top. 3 miniatures (per player), played on a 3×3′ neoprene arena mat or board, which is provided in the Judgement starter set (Neoprene mats are sold separately). Larger games are 5 miniatures per player, played on a 4×4′ mat which, is also sold separately!

The figures are 54mm and are fantastic, with a range of Humans, Elves, Orcs, Goblins, Minotaurs and Dwarves, with more to come! Each character has unique skills and abilities that help you form the best Warband for your playing style.

Come check it out Tuesday nights at Game Universe – Brookfield and Thursday Nights at Game Universe – Franklin!

Join us for some fun!