Star Wars Armada 2018 Store Championship – 7/14

When:  Saturday, July 14th, starting at Noon
Registration: begins at 11:30am

Where: Game Universe – Franklin
What:  Store Championship
Entry:  $15
-2 double-sided plastic Chimaera / Profundity cards (one with a “1st” foil stamp, one with a “2nd” foil stamp)
-4 sets of acrylic brace defense tokens
-32 alt art Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette cards
Winner gets first round bye at Regional Championship!
Click here for more tournament details and see below for store specific details….

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Amazing Deal: Imperial Knights Renegade Box – 6/9

 Dominating the battlefield with their size and firepower, Imperial Knights are towering bipedal weapons platforms that hold no quarter in eliminating their targets.

Put yourself at the controls of a rampaging Renegade Knight – or the valiant Imperial avenger – in this boxed game containing everything you need to pit 2 towering Imperial Knights against each other in single combat.

Buy an Imperial Knight & a Sector Mechanicus Galvanic Magnavent terrain set, get a FREE Imperial Knight!!

Imperial Knight $155
Imperial Knight Warden $185
Galvanic Magnavent terrain $125
Bought separately: $465
Special Box Price: $245

In stores 6.9.2018, while supplies last

X-Wing League winners at Game Universe

Game Universe League has completed! Congratulations to Dave Ignaszak for taking first place! Thank you everyone for your participation:)

Please stop down at Game Universe Brookfield for your prizes at your convenience.

1st Dave Ignaszak: $34/Shield Tokens/Quickdraw/Shadowport Hunter

2nd Seth Rattan: $20/Shield Tokens/Quickdraw/Shadowport Hunter

3rd Josh Hueffer: $20/Quickdraw/Shadowport Hunter

Everyone else gets the Shadowport Hunter Card