SW: X-Wing League

Come Join the Fun! Tuesday, 6pm at BrookfieldImperial-Counterattack

Prizes: (based on an 8 person league)

  1. One alternate art Gunner upgrade card or alternate art Veteran Instincts upgrade card for every player that enters.
  2. Each player gets 1 raffle ticket for each attendance at league night. Game Universe is raffling 3 professionally painted X-Wing ships ! Painted By Rie Miniatures ( 2016 Wisconsin Regionals  Painting Competition Champion)
  3. Top 8 Players choose from the following prizes in order of their finish with the first place receiving the league medal:
  • Alternate art Darth Vader,
  • Alternate art IG-88C,
  • Acrylic Munitions tokens-2 sets,
  • Acrylic ion tokens-2 sets,
  • SW:X-Wing Dice Bag,
  • Target lock laser pointer.



  • Entry fee is $10.
  • Sign up at Game Universe Brookfield location. Sign up on the first day of league or anytime your in the store.
  • League starts June 14th. 6pm Tuesday


  • 100 point dogfights
  • League runs for 9 weeks. The first 8 weeks players will play each other and report score based on FFG tournament scoring rules. (no intentional draws)
  • League games are generally played on Tuesday 6pm-10pm, but games can be played at the store on different days for your convenience. (Raffle entry only occurs on Tuesday 6pm-10pm)
  • 9th week is a cut to top 4 players to face off for the league championship!


  1. What if the league already started?   No problem, its pretty easy to get 2 to 3 games in a night. Also there is the entire week to get games in when possible. Everyone only has to play each other once, so even if you missed 3 to 4 weeks, there is still  a lot of time to get your matches finished.
  2. What is contact information? Call 262-786-9800 for questions.
  3. Do I have to fly the same build each week?  No, you can change your build however you like from week to week. 100 point dogfight.



Star Wars: X-Wing Store Championships


Come join the fun during our X-Wing store championship weekend.

Registration starts at 11:30am for all events with the tournament starting at 12pm.

Prizes: sc

Champion: Store Championship plaque and a card granting one first-round bye at a regional of the players choice.

Top Four: 1 set of acrylic tokens

Top Eight: one dice bag

Top Thirty-Two: Alternate art card


Brookfield:  Saturday April 16th

Brookfield X-Wing Store Championship

Franklin: Sunday April 17th

Franklin X-Wing Store Championship

Menomonee Falls: Saturday March 26th

Menomonee Falls X-Wing Store Championship

Star Wars: Armada League

We’re starting an Armada League at Brookfield Location! armada


Come play in our first league event Thursday, March 31

$3 Entry


This will be an 8 week event.(no penalty for missed weeks, but it lowers your chances for the final tournament!)


First Place each week: 1 alt art X-Wing Squadron card. Invitation to final 8 person tournament.or runner up, etc if top player already invited)

At the end of the league, an 8 person tournament that includes all players that earned invites during league play!

Winner of the final tournament: one alt art Gladiator II Class Star Destroyer card, 2 alt art X-Wing Squadron cards, a medal, a dice bag, and one set of Deploy Squadron tokens.

Runner up:  one alt art Gladiator II Class Star Destroyer card, 2 alt art X-Wing Squadron cards, one dice bag, and one set of Deploy Squadron tokens.

3rd and 4th place winners: will receive one alt X-Wing Squadron card and one set of Deploy Squadron tokens each.

5th and 6th place winners: will each receive one alt art X-Wing Squadron card.

May HeroClix at Franklin

Saturday, May 23rd 1:00
Yu-Gi-Oh Heroclix Battle of the Millennium month 3
For this event there will be a $5.00 entry fee that can be prepaid to reserve a seat. There is only room for ten players, reserving is your best option to guarantee a seat, after that it will be a first come first serve basis.
Players will bring a constructed team of 400 points made up entirely from the Yu-gi-oh sets. Players may use the Millennium Stone, puzzle, eye and/or any month one or two LE’s.
Thursday, May 28th 5:30
Avengers vs. Justice League
Build two 500 point teams. Golden age, figures only. One team all the members must have the Justice League or Justice League of America keyword. The other team all the figures need to have the Avengers keyword. Before rolling for map choice players will make a separate roll to decide teams, one player will have their avengers team and one player will have their justice league team. Playing for TBD LE.

2015 Fantasy Flight Regionals at Game Universe

We are proud to announce that Game Universe Franklin has been selected as the host for four Fantasy Flight Regional Tournaments; Call of Cthulhu LCG, Imperial Assault, 40k Conquest, and Star Wars LCG.

Star Wars: The Card Game May 2nd

Imperial Assault: Skirmish May 9th

Call of Cthulhu May 30th

Warhammer: 40,000: Conquest July 25th


All events are hosted by our Franklin store, located at:

6550 S Lovers Lane

Franklin, WI 53132

The events will take place in our spacious game room, feature custom tables and gaming supplies, cool swag raffles, and more! Each event will cost $25 at the door, or $20 if you pre-register online. Events are conveniently located next door to three restaurants, and a spacious overflow room that can allow us to accommodate up to 120 gamers at a time. Side events and additional prizes will be added according to attendance. All events begin registration at 11 am and seat at 12 pm.


Prizes will be distributed according to each FFG event kit, plus a store credit prize pool.
For every player beyond the 12th, $20 will be added to the pool. Exact prizes will be determined based on attendance, but will generally follow a split of 50% for participation awards, and 50% for standings. Additional participation prizes will be awarded to players who finish all swiss rounds (prior to any cut).


Prizes vary, but in the past (and with a large enough crowd) we’ve done “related games” as prizes. So for example, Imperial Assault, we might give X-Wing, Armada, Edge of the Empire, or something else Star Wars related as an additional prize. We often give out gift cards to a good chunk of players, typically in $5-$15 units, often based on finishing all the rounds or at random.


Event details will be posted on our Facebook page and calendar. You are welcome to preregister any time between now and the day before the event. Payment is required at the time of pre-registration.

February Heroclix

Saturday, February 14th at 1:00
Justice League OP kit sealed event
For this event each player will purchase a minimum of ten heroclix figures from gravity feeds, boosters, fast forces sets. The various heroclix items will be 50% off and does not include new inventory. From your purchased figures you will make a 400 point team. As this is a sealed event only game figures and elements that are in the product purchased may be used. Playing for a complete set of the Justice League OP kit containing Wonder Woman, Black Canary, and Wonder Girl.
Saturday, February 28th at 1:00
Breakin’ the Rules
Modern age. 500 points. For this event the rule that will be ignored is the Prime Figure rule. Any number of different Prime Figures may be used on your team. You don’t need to use Primes but you may use as many different primes as you can fit in 500 points. Playing for a zombie team base, and random relics for all runner ups.