January & February HeroClix events

Saturday, January 25th at 1:00
500 point constructed event
Silver Age (any figures, no resources, relics, BFC’s, or Feats)
Build two 500 point teams. One team must meet the following guidelines: there must be exactly five figures on this team, one figure for each of the following prerequisites.
A) Must have a comics muscular sculpt(i.e. Hulk, Strong Man) or super strength on at least half the dial
B) Must have a stretching power(i.e. Plastic Man) or has plasticity on at least half the dial.
C) Must have an invisibility power(i.e. invisible woman) or has stealth on at least half the dial
D) Must have a speed power(i.e. the Flash) or have the boot symbol and hypersonic speed on at least half the dial
E) Must have an icy power(i.e. Iceman, Mr. Freeze) or have barrier or Incapacitate on at least half the dial
The second team must follow these guidelines: One figure on your team must be 250 to 350 points. The remaining figures on your team can not be more than 50 points per figure. This team can have more or less than five figures.
Playing for TBD ‘Invincible Iron Man’ LE.

Saturday, February 8th
Clone Wars
Golden Age
Build a 500 point team that has a minimum of three separate figures. All the figures on your team must be variations of the same hero or villain. For example, if you chose Mr. Fantastic as your character, all the figures on your team must be variations of Mr. Fantastic. However no duplicate figures, a duplicate is a figure with the same set symbol and set number. LE versions of a figure may be used. Dual based figures will qualify as long as the chosen figures name is one of the names on the base. There are no figures currently on the banned list.

For this event there will be a $1.00 entry fee that will go to a prize pool that will be given to the winner in the form of store credit. Also playing for the LE Disintegration ring.

Saturday, February 15th
A.R.M.O.R. wars
800 points constructed
Golden Age (anything goes)
Your team must have exactly five figures on it. No Duplicates. Each figure is a representative of the A.R.M.O.R. keywords and therefore must have that keyword:
A=armor keyword
R=robot keyword
M=monster keyword
O=Open to any generic keyword not already listed
R=ruler keyword
playing for a TBD ‘Invincible Iron Man’ LEsiteпродвижение web сайтов оптимиз ация

New Store Hours

Game Universe, Milwaukee‘s favorite RPG and board game store has new winter hours! Please note all locations will stay open past close for events as necessary.

SUNDAY – 11 am to 6 pm
MONDAY – Noon to 6 pm
TUESDAY – Noon to 6 pm
WEDNESDAY – Noon to 8 pm
THURSDAY – Noon to 6 pm
FRIDAY – Noon to 8 pm
SATURDAY – 11 am to 8 pmпроизводство сайтовэффективная реклама в социальных сетях

December HeroClix Events

“Who you gonna call?”

Thursday, December 12th
golden age
Build two four hundred point teams. Team A needs to be no more or no less than four different figures. Three figures need to posses the scientist keyword and the forth must posses any other generic keyword, this is your Ghostbusting team. The other team needs to be made up of figures possessing the monster and/ or deity keywords. If a Ghostbuster targets a figure with any ranged combat attack then each following Ghostbuster that targets the same figure with a ranged combat attack gets plus one to the attack value for that turn. When any of your monster or deity figures make any close combat attack after actions resolve the may then use incapacitate that deals no damage as a free action. Playing for a TBD Iron Man LE.

“Bling Bling”

Thursday, December 26th

Silver Age (any figures, no resources, relics, feats, etc.)
Build a 400 point team. One figure on your team must somehow rely on a ring or some form of jewelry for their powers. This figure must be the highest pointed figure on your team. Playing for the LE Power Plant.

Fear Itself Month 6 event

Saturday, December 21st

Better late than never, Game Universe has received its OP kit for the month 6. All that was needed to qualify for this event was to have attended at least one of the Fear Itself events hosted at Game Universe. The event will be a sealed booster game using two Fear Itself boosters if attendance permits. Otherwise it will be one Fear Itself and one anything not Fear Itself and in stock. The cost of the event is $30.00.

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Now hiring, part-time sales associate for all locations

http://www.habitatcd.org/wp-content/uploads/now_hiring1.jpgGame Universe’s is hiring a part-time sales associate able to work at any Game Universe location. The job starts as soon as possible, but candidates must be available to work at least January-July of 2014. Submit a resume to matt@game-universe.com

SALES candidates will reliable, have excellent customer service skills, good communication skills, have retail sales experience. The job is roughly 9 hours a day, typically from 11 am – 8 pm, but may go later on days when we hold events. New hires will start at 1 day each week, which may be any day Monday – Sunday, with more days possible for qualified candidates. Candidates must live in the Milwaukee area, have reliable transportation, and be available for training on weekdays. Preference will be given to candidates with outstanding board game knowledge and excellent people skills.

Email a resume to our Regional Manager, Matthew Vercant, matt@game-universe.com. Please include a list of games which you have played and could teach to others.гугл адвордсконтекстная реклама в интернете это

Labor Day Weekend Sale, Aug 30 – Sept 2

This weekend, save some hard-earned money at our Labor Day Weekend sale, Friday August 30 through Monday September 2 at all Game Universe locations.https://sphotos-b-ord.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/537868_480923828669709_1190353190_n.jpg

Save 25% off sticker price of all marked items


Magic 2014 Booster Boxes – $105 each, or $99 for Members

Save on the following items
– HeroClix Fast Forces, Gravity Feeds and more
– All D&D Reprint Books (2nd Edition, AD&D, 3rd ed, etc)
– All Warhammer and Warmachine miniatures and figures
– All Magic Starter decks
– Dragon’s Maze pre-release packs
– D&D Dungeon Command
– Select board games throughout the store
– Much more!

From all of us at Game Universe, enjoy your holiday and happy gaming!siteкак правильно раскручивать сайт

August and September HeroClix Events

Fear Itself month 3
Saturday, August 31st at 1:00
Sealed Booster $30.00
Build a 400 point team from a Box of Fear Itself and something else not Fear Itself. Playing for LE’s from the month 3 prize kit including Hammer participation prizes.
Put That Thing Back Were It Came From Or So Help Me…
Thursday, September 12th at 5:30
For this event build a 400 point team. Figures only and all the figures on your team must possess the monster keyword. The rest of the scenario will be revealed
at the start of the event. Playing for LE: TBD.
Lord Of The Rings
Thursday, September 19th at 5:30
Build a 600 point team using only figures and game elements from Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring, and the Hobbit. Playing for LE Nazgul.
Fear Itself month 4
Saturday, September 21st at 1:00
Sealed Booster $30.00
Build a 400 point team from a Box of Fear Itself and something else not Fear Itself. Playing for LE’s from the month 4 prize kit including Hammer participation prizes.

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