Upcoming Magic Events

Game Universe is proud to be hosting Milwaukee’s only 2011 National Qualifier Tournament. The format will be standard, and the winner will get an invite to play at the 2011 US Nationals tournament near the end of April. See here for more info.

Game Universe, in conjunction with the Milwaukee Summer Revel are also hosting a Midwest Master Series trial held on June 4th at the Tommy Thompson center. See here for more info.

Want to win Free Entry into our National Qualifier Tournament? We are giving out one free entry to the winner of the following events, in addition to our normal prize payout. See that dates on our calender for more info.

March 25th– Big FNM (Greenfield) $5 entry

April 1st– FNM (Brookfield) $5 entry

April 5th– Draft (Greenfield) $15 entry. In the event of multiple draft tables, the winners will compete in a SUDDEN DEATH qualifier using their draft decks, with the winner of those matches receiving the free entry.

April 13th– Extended (Greenfield) $10 entry and winner also gets a BOX

April 17th– Sealed (Brookfield) $30 entry.регистрация сайта в поисковике google

Mirrodan Besieged Game Day, March 5-6

Game Days are the first opportunity for you to play Standard on a global scale with the newest cards. They immerse you in the storyline of the new set, and give you the opportunity to win preview cards from the next Magic set, Mirrodin Pure or New Phyrexia! At noon on Saturday March 6th at Greenfield Game Universe we’ll have 1 game day, and Sunday noon on March 6th at the Brookfield Game Universe. Game Days are Standard format and Swiss-style.

What Do I Get?

All participants receive an exclusive Treasure Mage promo card (while supplies last). The Top 8 payers each receive a full-art Black Sun’s Zenith promo card. The cards are awarded to the Top 8 even if the tournament cuts to the Top 4.

The Top 2 finishers with Mirran-affiliated decks receive a Pristine Talisman preview card from Mirrodin Pure. The Top 2 finishers with Phyrexia-affiliated decks receive a Suture Priest preview card from New Phyrexia! This is in addition to any Top 8 prize cards you might win for their overall event finish.

Selected Top 8 decks will be featured on magicthegathering.com.

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March Fo(u)rth for GMs Day Sale!

GM’S DAY ON (when else?) MARCH 4th!

He regularly stabs, mangles, perforates, burns, and otherwise damages your precious character.
She delights in torturing your PC’s emotions, thwarting their every plan, denying every desire.
And you love your GM for just these things and more. Come celebrate this momentous holiday at all Game Universe locations on March 4th.

Save on many, many RPG products throughout our stores,

  • 25% off all 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons products!
  • 25% off Shadowrun, CthulhuTech and Pathfinder!
  • 10% off all 3rd and 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons products!
  • 10% off all RPG accessories, cards, and maps!
  • 50% off all other RPG Books books!
Celebrate the teller of interactive tales with the rest of us, one day only, this Friday,
March 4th.

Until then, see you at the gaming table!

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$99 Box Sale Extended!

We’re extending our $99 box sale to Saturday. We’ve even got more buy a box promos to give out, so if you missed out on our (somewhat small) initial stock of Mirrodin Besieged, swing by and grab some Monday!

Until then, you can also join our Saturday Release Party in Greenfield. Registration at 11 am, event at noon. Sealed deck, $30 entry, prize support will be in store credit (if we run out of Besieged boosters) or Besieged boosters if we have enough to go ’round.

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$99 Box Day & Mirrodin Besieged Release Events

It’s that time again! Time for $99 Booster Box day at Game Universe! http://www.wizards.com/company/downloads/mirran_crusader.png

This Friday only you can grab a box of the new set, Mirrodin Besieged for only $99. In addition, if you’re one of the first 20 customers through the door at either location, we’ll give you a free Buy a Box Promo Mirran Crusader card. Sweet.

But wait! There’s more …

Mirrodin Besieged Release Events: Saturday & Sunday

Buy a box day not cool enough for you? Then swing by our Greenfield store on Saturday or our Brookfield store on Sunday for some Mirrodin Besieged sealed deck play. These release party events start registration at 11 am and begin deck construction at noon. Cost is $30, and includes a foil promo Thopter Assembly, 3 packs of Scars and 3 packs of Besieged. Prize support is 2 packs for every person who enters the event, so there’s sure to be a huge stack o’ packs for the top players. Payout is to the top 8-16 players, depending on attendance.rpg online gamesраскрутка сайта знакомств