Free RPG Day Events

Free RPG Day on June 19 will feature a DMed event run by Jeff Riddle of the Milwaukee D&D Meetup group, starting at 1 p.m.

For anyone who wants to try out some role-playing, Jeff will have 4 pre-generated characters available for people to “jump in” with, though he asks that players please arrive as close to 1 p.m. as possible. Spectators are always welcome as well!

Anyone wishing to run an event for Free RPG Day, or any day of the week, please contact Matt at the Greenfield Game Universe, 414-427-8800.сайтпозиции сайта в поисковых

Todd E Davis Memorial Tournament, June 20

Game Universe Greenfield will hold a Magic: the Gathering tournament Sunday June 20, in memory of Todd Davis, long-time friend and player in the Magic community.

The event will be Standard Constructed with a $5 entry fee. Registration begins at 11 am, parings go up at noon. Entry fees will be donated to Todd’s family. Further donations may be made at the event.

First place will recieve a copy of Todd’s infamous vampires deck, built from cards donated by his friends. Prize support will be in cards, as all proceeds will go to help Todd’s family in this difficult time. In addition, a special memorial, non-tournament legal, Magic card will be available at the event (pictured at right).

Todd passed away last Monday, May 31, 2010. Anyone wishing to donate cards toward the construction of Todd’s deck, or money to Todd’s family, may do so at the Greenfield store.калькулятор разработки сайта онлайнбесплатная реклама на яндексе

Free RPG Day, June 19th

Come one, come all, to Free RPG Day at Game Universe on Saturday June 19th!

We’ll be featuring a stand of free RPGs ranging from the hottest new goodies to classic games from our extensive stock. Everyone who swings by will get a free RPG!

There will also be many games going on, so if you’ve ever wanted to try an RPG but haven’t had the chance, or just want to hang out with your friends for a few hours, come on by!

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Rise of the Eldrazi Game Day

Greenfield will be hosting a Rise of the Eldrazi Game Day May 22. Tournament registration begins at 11 am and parings for round 1 will be posted promptly at noon.

Entry is $5. Format is standard constructed.

Entrants will be given a promotional Staggershock card and the top 8 will recieve an additional Deathless Angel prize card. In addition, Game Universe will give away 2 Deathless Angel promos as door prizes and store credit will also be paid out to 1st through 3rd place! Come on by and rake in the winnings while we celebrate Rise of the Eldrazi’s inclusion in standard constructed!

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Malifaux Demo on May 8th

We’ve got a Malifaux demo from 12-4 p.m. in Greenfield on May 8th!  If you want to learn more or just get in an afternoon of fast-paced and fun skirmishing, swing on by next Saturday!

Malifaux is a skirmish miniature game in a horror/steampunk setting.

Each player builds a force of 5-7 figures from a faction to battle it out. A force is composed of minions and at least one master. Malifaux involves elements of resource management as hands of cards are used instead of dice to resolve skill checks. Each check involves drawing a card from a deck and adding it to a figure’s statistic. Players can then use cards from their hands to raise the value. The highest value in an opposed check wins.

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