Eldrazi Release in Brookfield, April 25

We’re holding a second Eldrazi Release Tournament in Brookfield on Sunday April 25. Registration starts at 11 am and the tournament begins promptly at noon. Participants will also receive a special foil Lord of Shatterskull Pass promo card for playing. Entry is $25 and covers entry and 6 packs of Rise of the Eldrazi. 1 booster pack per participant will be placed in a prize pool.

Special thanks to everyone who participated in our Greenfield Release and WPN Championship Qualifier!контент веб сайта этораскрутка сайта во владимире

Friday, April 23 is $99 Rise of the Eldrazi Box Day

Friday April 23 we’re offering a $99 Rise of the Eldrazi Box Sale.

We’ll have lots of booster boxes for Rise of the Eldrazi in Greenfield and our new Brookfield location. We’re also offering a limited edition “Guul Draz Assassin” card to the first 20 people to buy a box, so get yours before the supply runs out!porcha-onlineавтоматизированное продвижение сайта украина

Rise of the Eldrazi Pre-Releases

We’ve got two pre-releases for Rise of the Eldrazi! The first one is at our Greenfield location on Saturday, April 17. The second one is at our awesome new Brookfield location on Sunday, April 18th.

Both events begin registering at 11 a.m. and start promptly at noon. They will both be sealed with a $25 entry fee and packs of the new Rise of Eldrazi set as prizes! Participants will also receive a special pre-release, foil version of Emrakul, the Aeons Torn!

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We took a survey of our customers at the Brookfield store and most of them are willing to attend a Sunday 1pm board game event. So we’ll be start this event Sunday January 10th at the Brookfiled location. It will be weekly though you need not attend weekly. Hopefully we’ll see you once a month or so though. We have over 50 open games at the store and we’re always happy to teach you how to play a new one!  Participants will be offered a special price on the game played that day!

SPECIAL EVENT: Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play Demo

The new Fantasy Role Playing set for Warhammer looks and plays very well, but it’s $100 so you may be holding off. So we’re going to be running one or two free events to help teach the system and give you a chance to check it out. Our first event is: January 16th, 1pm at the Brookfield store. Make it there on time please.


FNM – Booster Draft: Starting in February, the Brookfield store will regularly hold FNM as a booster draft. This will allow players who are not interested in constructed play another venue to attend.

MTG World Wake Pre-release: Location: Greenfield @ 12:00 pm – SUNDAY JANUARY 31st. New MTG set pre-release. Free foil card. Sealed (6 booster) event for $30

MTG World Wake Release: Location: Greenfield @ 12:00 pm – SATURDAY FEBRUARY 6th. New MTG set Release. Free foil card. Sealed (6 booster) event for $30 – Boxes $125 each.

We’ve had a few people interested in running events at the stores, from D&D to Battletech… if you’re interested make sure you check our bulletin boards in the back of our stores. They list people looking for players as well as special events announcements not run by our store.

The Meetup.com board game group has another game day coming up on January 30th, 2010 in Muskego. All day free event, bring your own food and beer. Learn new games and meet new people. Game Universe is a sponsor of this event and I (James) usually attend.


We’ve added some more specific newsletters. If you’d like to join or change your mailing setting, please go to this page:

Happy Gaming!soft-for-hackingрамблер раскрутка сайта продвижение