Conspiracy Drafts – Friday

Join us as we celebrate the release of Magic: Conspiracy with all-day drafting starting at noon Friday, June 6 at all Game Universe locations.

Drafts all day from noon to 7 pm using Conspiracy boosters.

$20 entry, 8-person drafts, prizes in Conspiracy boosters. If you open a card that instructs you to open a new booster (yeah, some cards in this set do that. Neat, right?), we will give you that booster, free!

Drafts will be run in 6 or 8 person pods. After the draft and deckbuilding segment, players will divide into two, 3 or 4-person groups and play a single-free-for-all game to determine the winner(s) of each draft. We plan on using two possible prize structures:
1 – Our default structure will be that you win 2 Conspiracy packs for each player you eliminate from your 3 or 4 person game.

2 – Our more competitive version will feature a “winner takes all” style of play, where the person who wins each 4-person match will receive all 8 packs.

You can choose which prize structure you want to play in by vote at your table after seatings.

All prizes will be in Conspiracy packs, which as you know, are filled with awesome*.


*Wizards of the Coast and our management requires us to inform you that Conspiracy packs are not actually filled with awesome. They are filled with Magic cards.

Billed as “draft EDH” Conspiracy is the definitive multiplayer set of 2014.

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