Cruel Seas – Coming soon!

In Cruel Seas, a new naval combat game from Warlord Games, you take the battle to the seas of World War II, controlling dozens of small ships per side in immersive action.

This fast-paced game will launch with a whole range of plastic and resin ships in 1/300 scale, covering all theatres of the war.

Please contact your local GU so that we can gauge interest in this exciting new game!

Starter Set $79.99
Soft-cover Rulebook $31.99
Royal Navy Vosper MTB flotilla $28.99
US Navy PT boat flotilla $28.99
Kriegsmarine S-boat flotilla $28.99
British Royal Navy Fleet $98.99
German Kriegsmarine Fleet $98.99
US Navy Fleet $98.99
UN Fleet $98.99
Cruel Seas will be in stores the 8th of December. For more details, click here!

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