Dice Masters – 7/29

When: Saturday, July 29th at Noon157518-662573-11-115893
Where: Game Universe – Franklin
Entry: Entry fee is $5 to go towards booster pack prize support. Players will also receive their weekly promo participation picks plus an additional pick to the winner of fellowship!
What: This week, construct your team featuring the best of the best of the different affiliations in the game! Limit one character per affiliation (including characters with no affiliation) characters with two affiliations are also allowed!
If you are a new or returning player, please bring any team you have, ignoring the event details. It’s more important that you just come and have fun!
Don’t forget to register for the event here: http://win.wizkids.com/event.php?EVENT_ID=213931 so we can track our wins and everything! Thanks guys, hope to see you there!!

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