February Heroclix

Saturday, February 14th at 1:00
Justice League OP kit sealed event
For this event each player will purchase a minimum of ten heroclix figures from gravity feeds, boosters, fast forces sets. The various heroclix items will be 50% off and does not include new inventory. From your purchased figures you will make a 400 point team. As this is a sealed event only game figures and elements that are in the product purchased may be used. Playing for a complete set of the Justice League OP kit containing Wonder Woman, Black Canary, and Wonder Girl.
Saturday, February 28th at 1:00
Breakin’ the Rules
Modern age. 500 points. For this event the rule that will be ignored is the Prime Figure rule. Any number of different Prime Figures may be used on your team. You don’t need to use Primes but you may use as many different primes as you can fit in 500 points. Playing for a zombie team base, and random relics for all runner ups.

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