FFG Store Championships Spring schedule

Game Universe Greenfield and Menomonee Falls are proud to be hosting several Fantasy Flight Living Card Game Store Championships! Our finalized schedule is below.

What is a Store Championship?

Store Championships are a new premier tier of organized play, below FFG’s Regional Championship tournaments, and bigger than the weekly leagues run Wednesdays at 6 pm. Each even features cool prizes and other great swag. For example, the Netrunner kit contains these awesome prizes:
  • Champion: Store Championship plaque, custom deck box, and a first place certificate worth a first-round bye at one Regional Championship
  • Runner-Up: Custom deck box
  • Top 4: Four exclusive Android: Netrunner “Top 4” playmats
  • Participation: Thirty-two full-bleed alternate art versions of Kati Jones.
Just so much AWESOME. So set aside the dates below, and watch our Facebook page for details on your favorite games!
Vital Stats – Dates and Championship Start Times
Android: Netrunner – Saturday, February 15, 11:30 am
Call of Cthulhu – Saturday, February 22, 11:30 am
Star Wars LCG – Saturday, March 8, 11:30 am
X-Wing Miniatures – Saturday, March 15, 11:30 am
A Game of Thrones LCG – Saturday, March 22, 11:30 am [ MAIN EVENT WILL BE JOUST ]
Star Wars LCG – Sunday, February 16, 12 pm
Android: Netrunner – Sunday, February 23, 12 pm

Each event will carry a $15 entry fee at the door, or $10 if you pre-register. Pre-registration may be made in person, or by phone, at any Game Universe location any time up to 24 hours before the event.

Check this site and our Facebook page for event details as these dates approach.

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