Game Universe is catching March Madness

Here at Game Universe, we love board games. We love them so much, that sometimes we get too many of the good ones. When that happens, we have a sale! But since we’re a game store, we have to have a little fun while we do it.

  • The sale will run from March 10 to March 17, at all Game Universe locations, with an increasing percentage off as the sale goes on.
  • March 10-12, all games on the March Madness table will be 20% off.
  • March 13-15 all games on the March Madness table will be 30% off.
  • March 16, select games will drop to 35% off
  • March 17, select games drop to 40-45% off

The longer you wait, the more you save, but the greater the odds that the games you want will be gone. Lots of good games and accessories will be going on the table, including overstock of Cargo Noir, Arkham Horror and expansions, Carcassonne expansions, games by Fantasy Flight, Wizards of the Coast, Gary Games and many, many more. If we have extra from last year, it’s going on the table!

And remember to bookend your shopping with’s “Game-A-Ton” meetup at Game Universe – Greenfield on March 10 and Minion Games Demo Dayz (also sponsored in partnership with on March 17. Go to both and check out the early and late sales while getting some gaming in with your pals from the Milwaukee Company of Gamers and Game Universe!siteгугл адвордс вход

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