Grand Prix Trial, Jan 8 in Greenfield

Game Universe Greenfield will host a Grand Prix Trial (GPT) on January 8, 2011. Format is Extended.

At least 1 third-round bye at Grand Prix–Atlanta 2011 is offered at each Trial, based on attendance: 8 – 32 will get 1 third-round bye, 33 – 64 = 2, 65 – 128 = 4. Attendance is capped at 70 participants. Entry fee is $15.

Prize support will be determined by attendance. If 8+ players means we offer a Jace vs Chandra Japanese dual deck to first place, and if we get 16+ players, we’ll offer a From the Vault: Relics as a prize to first place. If we hit 32+ players, we’ll pay out both of those products to first and second, and store credit to the top 8 players. As always, there will be door prizes and other goodies given out to participants throughout the event.

You must register your deck to participate in this event. You should fill out this deck registration sheet before you arrive to save time, but we’ll have some on site if you forget. Remember: most decks that are legal in Standard are legal in Extended, so grab your FNM deck and swing by!

This is  a 24K, REL Competitive event, overseen by a DCI Judge, so bring your game face and good luck!

Need more details? Check out the official Wizards announcement.как зарегистрировать сайт на google

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