HeroClix events in April – Greenfield

Saturday, April 12th at 1:00
Clone Wars
Golden Age (anything except resource dials)
Build an 800 point team that has a minimum of three separate figures. All the figures on your team must be variations of the same hero or villain. For example, if you chose Mr. Fantastic as your character, all the figures on your team must be variations of Mr. Fantastic. However no duplicate figures, a duplicate is a figure with the same set symbol and set number. LE versions of a figure may be used. Dual based figures will qualify as long as the chosen figures name is one of the names on the base. Current banned figures: Iron Man, and Deathstroke.

For this event there will be a $1.00 entry fee that will go to a prize pool that will be given to the winner in the form of store credit. Also playing for random 3-D objects.

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