HeroClix Events Schedule

Saturday, February 11th 1:00
400 points Golden Age constructed. You need to have at least one figure with the skrull team ability. For each skrull on your team you will gain an additional skull team bonus. Black Bolt LE for this event.
Thursday, February 23rd 6:00
400 points Lord of the Rings constructed. Make a team from the Lord of the Rings heroclix set. LotR LE and participation prizes for this event.
Saturday, February 18th 1:00
Infinity Gauntlet #2 600 point Half & Half modern/ golden age constructed. For this event your team needs a minimum of 300 points from the Hulk and/or Superman sets. The remaining points(not to exceed 300) can be from anything. Feat cards are allowed for the remaining points but will follow the rule of 10% assessed to 300 points. No Battle Field Conditions
The In-Betweener LE figure will be for this event along with soul gem object participation prize
Saturday, March 17th 1:00
Infinity Gauntlet #3 300 point Golden age constructed. The Champion LE and power gem object participation prize will be used for this event.

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