Heroclix: Santa and His Helpers

When:  Thursday, December 22 at 6:30p
Where:  Game Universe – Franklin
What:  Build a 400 point team with the following guide lines. One and only one figure on your team must be between 150 and 175 points, this is your Santa. A figure exactly 150 counts, a figure 149 doesn’t. Feats or game elements attached to this figure do not count towards its point total. Every other figure on your team must be 50 points or less, these are your elves. You may use any other game elements(resources, relics, feats, etc.) but the 10% rule is in effect so no more than 40 points to game elements. You may use figures from any set. Playing for Toy Soldier LE.
Entry:  $4.00 which will be returned in the form of store credit, or a store purchase qualifies as entry.

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