HeroClix: Superior Foes of Spider-Man Prerelease Event

Come Join the Fun! STL010692

When: August 13th, 2pm

Where: Franklin Location

Prizes: Besides two boosters the entry into the event  also gets you food, fun, door prizes, and a raffle and, of course, a chance to win Superior Foes of Spider-Man LEs!

What:  Battle using figures from Marvel’s Superior Foes of Spider-Man set. Purchase two boosters of SFoSM and build your best 300 point team.

Entry Fee: $30.00. Prepayment is available in store or using PayPal via the Game Universe website.  Prepayment is strongly encourage, otherwise it is first come first served on the day of the event.

HeroCLix: Superior Foes of Spiderman

Follow Up Draft!:  After the tournament is over any remaining product and LE’s will be available for draft format games(in the event of draft games, cost of boosters for drafting will be $12.99).


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