Netrunner League Details


Netrunner League

Come join the fun!


Starts 3/16, 5:30pm

8 sessions (1 Intro Night and  7 league sessions).  Sessions are every other week with casual nights in between.

How to Win

  • Scoring is based on the Elo rating system used in chess and other two-player games
  • Every league member starts with a default rating of 1500
  • Your rating increases/decreases based on your results against other players
  • Updated ratings will be posted online and available at the Milwaukee Area Living Card Game Group Facebook Page
  • With the exception of Bounties and Risk and Reward goals, all Achievements, Badges, and Trophies (see below) will be awarded once per player as a match win against a ghost opponent with the indicated Elo rating at the end of the season. League members are those who have paid for participation:
    • First through seventh place players will pick from one of the following based on the order of final ranking:
      • Playmat (1)
      • Alt-Art Rare (2)
      • Deck Boxes (4)
    • Alt-Art commons will be awarded to each of the Top 16 players
    • Left over prizes will be kept trophy or risk/reward title prizes
      • If league players wish, excess prize support can be held as a reserve for other events (Drafts, Tournaments, Theme Events, etc)

Achievements (1500 Elo)

Jinteki Journeyman

  • Play 3 Jinteki IDs

NBN Journeyman

  • Play 3 NBN IDs

Weyland Journeyman

  • Play 3 Weyland IDs

HB Journeyman

  • Play 3 HB IDs

Jinteki Master

  • Play 5 Jinteki IDs

NBN Master

  • Play 5 NBN IDs

Weyland Master

  • Play 5 Weyland IDs

HB Master

  • Play 5 HB IDs

Flatline: Brain

  • Flatline runner w/ brain damage

Flatline: Net

  • Flatline runner w/ net damage

Flatline: Meat

  • Flatline runner w/ meat damage

Flatline: Hand Size

  • Flatline runner w/ hand size

Bad Publicity

  • Win with 5+ bad publicity

Remote Servers

  • Build 10+ remote servers

Anarch Journeyman

  • Play 3 Anarch IDs

Criminal Journeyman

  • Play 3 Criminal IDs

Shaper Journeyman

  • Play 3 Shaper IDs

Mini-Faction Journeyman

  • Play 3 Mini-Faction IDs

Anarch Master

  • Play 5 Anarch IDs

Criminal Master

  • Play 5 Criminal IDs

Shaper Master

  • Play 5 Shaper IDs

Deck the Corp

  • Deck the corporation


  • Win with 10+ tags

Brain Damage

  • Win with 3+ brain damage

No-Hands, Ma!

  • Win with 0 cards in your grip

Who needs Breakers?

  • Win with no icebreakers installed

Stack Trace Empty

  • Win with 0 cards left in your stack

Virus Lord

  • Accumulate 10+ virus counters

Money Bags

  • Obtain 40+ Credits

League Master

  • Play all league members

League Participant

  • Attend 75% of the league sessions


  • Player as all 8 factions

Faction Badges (1650)

  • Highest Win % for HB
  • Highest Win % for Jinteki
  • Highest Win % for NBN
  • Highest Win % for Weyland
  • Highest Win % for Anarch
  • Highest Win % for Criminal
  • Highest Win % for Shaper
  • Highest Win % for Mini-Factions
  • Trophies (1600)
  • Doppelganger: Most IDs played
  • Contract Killer: Most flatlines
  • Making Noise: Most Corps Decked
  • Bounty List (1500)
  • SanSan Outlaw (HB)
  • Selective Mind-Mapper (Jinteki)
  • Sol News Team (NBN)
  • Hedge Fund Manager (Weyland)
  • Horde of Zombies (Anarch)
  • Tech Lord (Criminal)
  • London Librarian (Shaper)
  • Outside the Box (Mini-Faction)
  • netr 2Risks and Rewards (Idea in the Works)
  • Every faction has 5 achievements based loosely off their playstyles. They start at Level 1 and increase in difficulty up to Level 5. You may only claim one achievement per side (runner or corp) per night and only right after the game that you earned it
  • You don’t have to go in any order.
  • Extra points are awarded if you complete an entire faction’s achievements…but it’ll take you at least 5 weeks to do so.
  • On the player sheet, note your selection as the faction and level # (e.g. HB lvl 2, Anarch lvl 4).
  • Each unlocked level will be added to that player’s Elo score based on the following tiered system:
    • Tier 1 (awarded as match win v. 1350/1400 the match immediately after selecting the reward)
      • Select a level 1 reward (1350)
      • Select a Level 2 reward (1400)
    • Tier 2 (awarded as match win v. 1500 same night of reward selection after all games recorded)
      • Select a level 3 reward
    • Tier 3 (Awarded as match win v. 1550/1600/1700 after all weeks of league play complete
      • Level 4 (1550)
      • Level 5 (1600)
      • Faction Master, complete all 5 levels for any faction (1700):
  • Cerebral Overwriter (HB)

  • Valley Resequencer (Jinteki)

  • Hollywood Film Critic (NBN)

  • Glenn St Housekeeper (Weyland)

  • Itinerant Protestor (Anarch)

  • Savvy Investor (Criminal)

  • Breaker Bay Scholar (Shaper)

  • Corp Risk and Rewardsnetr 3
  • Haas-Bioroid
  • Level 1 – Score an agenda out of hand
  • Level 2 – Make the runner lose or spend 2 or more clicks in the same turn
  • Level 3 – At any point in the game, have at least 7 rezzed ice whose rez cost exceeds its strength
  • Level 4 – At the time you win a game, have actively rezzed cards whose rez costs combined total more than 60 credits
  • Level 5 – In a single game, score in this order: an agenda worth 3 points, one worth 2, one worth 1 (that is not Domestic Sleepers), and an “unscored” Domestic Sleepers worth 0. You must win by scoring the Domestic Sleepers.
  • Jinteki
  • Level 1 – Runner triggers a trap from a remote server
  • Level 2 – Deal at least 3 damage in a single turn from two different cards
  • Level 3 – Fire off 5 non-“End the Run” subroutines from 5 different ice over the course of the game
  • Level 4 – Over the course of one game that you win, deal a total of at least 2 meat damage, 2 brain damage, and 2 net damage that is not prevented
  • Level 5 – Score 7 points in a single turn from agendas advanced in servers that never contained a piece of ice
  • NBN
  • Level 1 – Tag the runner
  • Level 2 – In a single game, win 3 traces
  • Level 3 – At any point in the game, Have 7 ice rezzed that have “When the runner encounters…” effects on them
  • Level 4 – In a single turn, force the runner to lose 25 or more credits, including credits from cards hosting credits (such as Kati Jones, Liberated Accounts, etc.)
  • Level 5 – At the end of a game that you win, have 10+ or more tags on the runner. At least 10 of those tags must not have come as the result of operations. The final click of the game must be a Psychographics
  • Weyland
  • Level 1 – Gain 7 or more credits in a single turn
  • Level 2 – Have 3 ice installed and rezzed in a single remote server
  • Level 3 – Over the course of a connected runner and corp turn, deal damage to the runner from at least 3 different cards
  • Level 4 – At any point in the game, have 5 of the 7 “walls” installed and rezzed (Paper, Ice, Static, Fire, Thorns, Hadrian’s, Curtain) with at least 2 Superior Cyberwalls scored
  • Level 5 – Starting from turn 1 you must either install, advance (by any means) or score an agenda every turn and win the game 7-0.
  • Runner Risk and Rewards
  • Anarch
  • Level 1 – In a single turn, trash at least 2 corp cards
  • Level 2 – Have the corporation take an action that wipes virus counters (Runner accessing a Cyberdex does not count)
  • Level 3 – At any point in the game have 10 or more cards installed, none of whose cost is greater than 2
  • Level 4 – Win a game having taken more self-inflicted brain damage than your starting maximum hand size
  • Level 5 – Win a game where none of the cards in your score area were originally scored or accessed during a run. You cannot have scored more than 4 points in a single turn.
  • Criminal
  • Level 1 – Make a successful run on a server with at least one rezzed ice without using a program
  • Level 2 – Using only events or programs, manipulate the rezzed or installed state of two corp-controlled cards in a single turn
  • Level 3 – Win a game having more credits in your credit pool than the combined total cost of all rezzed corp cards
  • Level 4 – Make 5 successful runs ending on at least 4 different servers in a single turn without using a program to break ice subroutines or letting a subroutine fire. At least two of those servers must contain installed ice
  • Level 5 – Win a game 7-0, having run successfully on every turn and having made at least 7 total runs this game. You must not have successfully run on the same server more than two times in a row.
  • Shaper
  • Level 1 – Have installed programs that use up a total of 5 or more memory
  • Level 2 – Use icebreakers to break through all subroutines on 4 pieces of ice in a single turn. It does not have to be different ice.
  • Level 3 – In a single turn, spend a click for each of the following actions: Play an event, Draw a card, Gain a credit, Install a program, Install a piece of hardware, Install a resource, Initiate a run that is successful
  • Level 4 – At the end of a game that you win, have a combined value of all installed cards greater than the combined value of the Corp’s rezzed cards.
  • Level 5 – Win a game without taking any damage, having the corp successfully trash an installed card, taking any tags, losing any trace, jacking out of any run and allowing any subroutine on a piece of ice to fire.