January & February HeroClix events

Saturday, January 25th at 1:00
500 point constructed event
Silver Age (any figures, no resources, relics, BFC’s, or Feats)
Build two 500 point teams. One team must meet the following guidelines: there must be exactly five figures on this team, one figure for each of the following prerequisites.
A) Must have a comics muscular sculpt(i.e. Hulk, Strong Man) or super strength on at least half the dial
B) Must have a stretching power(i.e. Plastic Man) or has plasticity on at least half the dial.
C) Must have an invisibility power(i.e. invisible woman) or has stealth on at least half the dial
D) Must have a speed power(i.e. the Flash) or have the boot symbol and hypersonic speed on at least half the dial
E) Must have an icy power(i.e. Iceman, Mr. Freeze) or have barrier or Incapacitate on at least half the dial
The second team must follow these guidelines: One figure on your team must be 250 to 350 points. The remaining figures on your team can not be more than 50 points per figure. This team can have more or less than five figures.
Playing for TBD ‘Invincible Iron Man’ LE.

Saturday, February 8th
Clone Wars
Golden Age
Build a 500 point team that has a minimum of three separate figures. All the figures on your team must be variations of the same hero or villain. For example, if you chose Mr. Fantastic as your character, all the figures on your team must be variations of Mr. Fantastic. However no duplicate figures, a duplicate is a figure with the same set symbol and set number. LE versions of a figure may be used. Dual based figures will qualify as long as the chosen figures name is one of the names on the base. There are no figures currently on the banned list.

For this event there will be a $1.00 entry fee that will go to a prize pool that will be given to the winner in the form of store credit. Also playing for the LE Disintegration ring.

Saturday, February 15th
A.R.M.O.R. wars
800 points constructed
Golden Age (anything goes)
Your team must have exactly five figures on it. No Duplicates. Each figure is a representative of the A.R.M.O.R. keywords and therefore must have that keyword:
A=armor keyword
R=robot keyword
M=monster keyword
O=Open to any generic keyword not already listed
R=ruler keyword
playing for a TBD ‘Invincible Iron Man’ LEsiteпродвижение web сайтов оптимиз ация

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