July HeroClix Events | Infinity Gauntlet 7

‘3 for All’

Thursday, July 12th 6:00
Golden Age
Build three 400 point teams, one for each round. Each team must be completely different from the other ones. With no part of any team recurring on any other team. This includes special objects, feat cards, and battle field conditions.
Prize: Cosmic Cube 3-D object

Infinity Gauntlet month 7

Thursday, July 19th 6:00
Chaos Wars Sealed Booster event
Purchase 2 boxes of Chaos Wars and build your best 500 point team.
Prize: Grandmaster LE figure      Participation prize: 3-D Reality Gem

Half and Half (constructed/ sealed booster)

Thursday, July 26th 6:00
Silver Age (figures from any set, but no feats, or battle field conditions)
Build a two hundred point team, which you will combine with a 200 point team you will make from one box of Chaos Wars for a total of 400 points. Box to be purchased at the store at the start of the event, 10 minutes will be allowed to make the additional 200 point team. You may switch the 200 points of sealed booster team between rounds.
Prize: TBA Chaos Wars LE

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