June HeroClix Events at Game Universe Greenfield

Here’s a list of all the HeroClix events scheduled for June, 2012 at Game Universe Greenfield.


Thursday, June 14th 6:00
Monsters Vs. Scientists
Build two 500 point teams. One team must have all figures with the monster keyword. One team must have all figures with the scientist keyword. Golden Age for figures, no feats, or special objects. Battle Field Conditions allowed. Playing for the LE Hulk or the LE Iron Man depending on if the Monsters win or the Scientists.
Thursday, June 21st 6:00
500 points anything goes. Put whatever you want on your team, from any universe or set. Playing for LE TBD.

Saturday, June 30th 2:30
Infinity Gauntlet month 6
Build a 400 point Modern Age themed team. To qualify for a themed team a minimum of four figures with the same Named keyword or six figures with the same Generic keyword need to be on your team. No Feats or Battle Field Conditions. Playing for the Collector LE and the Reality Gem participation prize. Please note that there is a $5.00 entry fee for the Infinity Gauntlet game to cover the cost of prize support.

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