L5R Ivory Edition Pre-release, 6pm March 19


Ivory Edition is upon us! Join us at 6 pm on Wednesday, March 19 for Sealed Deck Ivory Edition. The event cost is $30, and covers 1 starter deck and 3 packs to build your deck from, plus 1 pack per player into a prize pool to be split 60/40 between 1st and 2nd place.

L5R Sealed Deck Rules

Sealed Deck is a format in which each player starts with an unopened Ivory-legal starter deck (either from the base set or a legal expansion), as well as 3 Ivory-legal booster packs. All players must receive the same selection of booster packs. It should be noted that if you are using the base set Starter deck, it comes with three booster packs already included.

Starter decks will be assigned randomly to players, but players may voluntarily trade starters among themselves before opening them (for example, if two players each prefer to play the Clan the other one got). If the players and Tournament Organizer prefer, they may instead pick their starter deck.

Deck construction rules follow the standard rules; Loyal, Unique, a minimum of 40 Dynasty and 40 Fate cards, you may only include three copies of any given card, etc.

Once all players have received their product, the tournament organizer starts deck construction, announcing a time limit for this stage (usually 15-30 minutes). Within that time, players must build a legal deck of the size required from the cards in their product. All normal rules on deck construction apply. Any strongholds in the starting cards may be used, not just the fixed strongholds in the starter.

Normal two-player game rules are observed in playing games with these decks. Players are not allowed to change cards in their deck between rounds.vzlom-icq.rupr программа пример

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