Living Card Game League Nights

We proudly present our Living Card Game League Night. Each week, you bring your favorite LCG, a friend, and an appetite for cool promos, and we set you up! Here’s how it works.

  • Each week costs $6 to play.
  • You can play any LCG you want – it’s not a tournament, so pickup games count!
  • Every week that you play, you get to choose successively better rewards from our League Champion Prize Pool!

League Champion Rewards

Playing more league games gets you better rewards!

Weeks 1-6, Loyal Squire = Any full-art participation promo, any participation tokens, house cards, etc.

Weeks 7-10, Mighty Hero = Any full art rare promo or LOYAL SQUIRE rewards

Weeks 11-12, League Champion = A Living Card Game Playmat of your choice, or any MIGHTY HERO or LOYAL SQUIRE reward


League night is at 6 pm, Wednesday in our Greenfield store and Thursday in Menomonee Falls!

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