M15 $99 Booster Box Sale & Win-A-Box Tournament

Our $99 box sale returns for M15 release day, this Friday, July 18, starting at noon. As always, buying a box from your local game store gets you a free Buy A Box Promo.

When you buy a box from our new Franklin location (sorry folks, only at Franklin), you also get free entry into one of our Buy-A-Box, Win-A-Box events at 2 pm or 6 pm.


What is a Buy-A-Box, Win-A-Box tournament?

First, buy a box from Game Universe Franklin. Next, open your box at the store. 
You then build a sealed deck from it, using whatever cards you want, in whatever amounts they appear in your box. Then we play 3 rounds of Sealed, and every undefeated player wins an additional booster box of Magic 2015 boosters. Since it’s a Release Day FNM Event, you also get a Release Day Promo and a Buy-A-Box promo with your entry. If you’re going to buy a box anyway, this is the best way to do it.

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