Magic 2015 Game Day

Join us for M15 Game Day at all Game Universe locations, this Saturday, August 9 at noon.

Standard constructed Game Day

Bring a standard legal deck and play some Magic!

$5 entry, swiss rounds, 3 round limit
– Everyone who plays get a booster pack and a free full art promo
– 1st place gets a playmat
– Top 8 get a foil full art promo
Event starts at noon. Draft to follow.

The intention of this event is to have a fun, casual play experience, so bring your fun standard decks, block decks, or whatever else you’d like to play.

M15 Booster Draft

Booster draft with $15 entry
Starting at 3pm, 3 swiss rounds
Everyone who plays gets 1 booster pack, undefeated players get 1 additional booster pack.
Top finishing player among all drafters wins 1 playmat and top 8 get full art foil promos

Win our Game Day Champion playmat and get some awesome promos!

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