Magic: Archenemy Release June 19 & 20


Magic: Archenemy release parties are this Saturday, June 19 in Greenfield and this Sunday, June 20 in Brookfield!

Archenemy is a casual, multiplayer format. Players form groups of 3-5 with one player randomly being designated the “archenemy” for that game. The archenemy gains access to special schemes, which they set in motion on their turn. Games continue until either the “Archenemy” wins or the other players defeat him or her.

Promotional scheme available while supplies last

Archenemy promotional scheme, available while supplies last

Participants in both the Greenfield release on June 19 and the Brookfield release on June 20 will recieve an archenemy deck and a promotional “Plots that Span Centuries” scheme card. The promo card is available only while supplies last.

The Greenfield release begins registering participants at 11 am and groupings will be posted promptly at noon. The Brookfield release will also begin accepting registration at 11 am with parings going up at noon. Remember that June 19 is also Free RPG Day. We hope to see you at one of these events!




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