March 4th for GMs … Twice!

This March 4th, Game Universe will be hosting it’s annual “March 4th for GM’s!” day, celebrating all those dedicated folks who Game Master role-playing games of all kinds!

Card carrying GMs will get an automatic 10% off all RPGs and RPG supplements on this day, and 20% off transactions of $100 or more. How will we know you’re a GM? Because you come in and tell us about a GMing experience you had. That’s right – tell us a story, even a really old or fabricated one, and we’ll give you the GM discount! Even better, everyone who buys an RPG or RPG-related product (and yes, dice count!) will get a free RPG supplement from our horde of RPG books! Sweet.

But wait, we’re going to extend this special offer to participants in our March 3rd Pathfinder Society Meetup at Game Universe Greenfield. Come play Pathfinder, save some money on RPGs and supplies, and have fun doing it.

See you at the gaming table!mobi onlineчерное продвижение сайта

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