Menomonee Falls Grand Opening MilCog Meetup | Oct 14, Noon

It’s a grand opening MilCog blowout at the new Game Universe – North location in Menomonee Falls! Check out Game Universe’s new 60+ person game room and game ’til you drop. We want this to be a huge turnout, and Game Universe is going to help us make it our biggest public event yet by giving away more games the more people we get!

The Goods

No matter how many people show up, Game Universe is giving away a copy of the new, Cthulhu Fluxx and a Nations Expansion to Minion Games’ award-winning Manhattan Project. But if we can get the following numbers, Game Universe will give away even more stuff!

10+ people attend: Game Universe will give away a Kingdom of Solomon from Minion Games.

18+ people: The new Menomonee Falls store will grace some lucky MilCoger with a free copy of The Thief of Baghdad, nominee for the 2007 Spiel des Jahres award, from Queen Games.

26+ people: James will raffle off a copy of the new Axis & Allies 1941 from Wizards of the Coast. This is the new print of the game folks, with updated pieces and rules, so it’s a cool item for someone to get totally free!

35+ people: Game Universe North will give away a copy of The Road to Canterbury by Gryphon Games! This is an awesome game that you’ve got to play to believe how cool it is, and one lucky gamer is going to get a shot at it; free!

45+ people: Game Universe will give us a free copy of the hard to find Yucatan; a $70 game, frequently imported for well over $100, totally free to someone as soon as we get 45 or more MilCog players at the event!

55+ people: Game Universe will give away the new Leviathans, the miniatures wargame from Catalyst that’s been 3 years in the making!

close up of a Leviathan ship, all of which come pre-painted


Sign up for a 1 year MilCog membership at the Grand Opening event; get a free Game Universe membership. This offer only works for people who sign up or renew a membership through the staff at Game Universe at the Grand Opening MilCog event.

Bring a friend new to MilCog: Get 1x extra free ticket good for one more chance to win a free game in Game Universe’s Giveaway

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